Brother Love- Chapter 1
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Brother Love- Chapter 1

The day was warm, bright, and breazy. Just the type of day that Cara loved. It was an early Saturday afternoon. She outside playing with her little brother, Kyle. Well, accually, he was playing and she was lieing on her back in the thick, green, grass staring up at the puffy white clouds. She had her Disk Man on and was listening to Fiona Apple. As if out of no where a big Uhal clattered down the road followed by a big white van (*gee. Who could that be? j/j*) shaking Cara from her reverie. "Okay everyone! Here is our new home! Isn't it fantastic?" Diana Hanson asked her childeren trying to cheer them up. Herself and her husband Walker knew their kids wouldn't be thrilled about the move, espacially the three oldest boys- Taylor 14, Isaac 16, and Zac 11. "Oh. Yippee" replied a glum Taylor. He had been most upset about the move. Things had just started to get rolling with their band, Hanson. Their first single MMMbop had just been released and they had made quite a name for themselfs in their old town, Tulsa, OK. Now they had to move into Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The van pulled up into the short driveway in front of a big blue and white house. He unbuckled his seat belt, opened the door and streched. Glancing over to his right, he saw a girl in the next yard over...

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