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VuDog's Jackie Chan Page - The Fans' Domain.
Well, I built this page because, at the time, I wanted to be exactly like Jackie Chan, because the guy fricking rules. I seemed to be under some sort of impression that the more I knew about this guy, the better I was. So I built this page, bought a million JC flicks, and pretty much became the biggest Jackie Chan Fan of Buffalo, Minnesota.

Well, I've recently decided that I don't care. The guy's got great movies, but I can't dedicate any more time to this stupid page. I was going to delete it, but that'd be a hassle for the Jackie Chan Webmasters, and Yahoo, so I'll just leave it up. Hope you enjoy any info you find.

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At my main site, you will find a report I did on Jackie Chan for my English Final. It's in the Cool Stuff section.
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