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~~~>R A M M S T E I N<~~~

~~~>R A M M S T E I N<~~~


~~~> R A M M S T E I N<~~~

Hello my fellow RAMMS+EINers!!! Welcome to my realm of RAMMS+EIN. Here will you find lots of pictures, bio, timeline, disco and a lot of audio and video. As many of you may or may not know, I have a story up in place of my tabs/lyrics section. But, I did get a .zip file of tabs a while back from Tier76, you can download them. They are worthy. If I wasn't such a lazy ass I'd do it myself. But that is just me. Well come back later if your heart does not desire the waiting. (You must be pretty damn impatient if you can't wait for a Ramms+ein site to load...)

If this is your first visit and or you are not very familiar with the best band of all time, where have you been?!?! I don't care, really...just look around and if you think this place sucks or kicks ass...sign the guestbook. I hate my guestbook...I hate them all..but sign it only if you feel this pathetic effort for a site is worth your zealous word, or feel free to email me with your comments, criticism or praise.

As I figured, I never *got around* to "fixing" my site. I don't understand all this HTML business. Well, a lot of it anyway. If you think you are awesome at Web Design or if you know of any great HTML resources please Email me. I find my site looking a lot like many of the others out there. I am looking for tables, frames, (both of those are easy I know but I am one of those *lucky* people who just SUCK at it) some Java, flash, etc.etc. Please, send me any advice you can! I NEED HELP! Also, after receiving many requests, complaints and what-not about my site and how rarely I update it, it is mostly because I have not found any reason to reveal much of the information that I've received recently from roadies/ friends of the band. Most of the news I get no longer even pertains to the general audience. If you need further explanation, Email me, the address is at the bottom of the page.

Follow any of these links to other places on my site and enjoy.

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The Band
Pics # 2
Audio/Visual Stimulation
Ripass shat
Cool Pics
Credits/Shat/evil guestbook
Tabs and Lyrics

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