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Shinomori Misao's Anime Distro

Distribution: Open!
Trades: Open!

Processing Time: 1-7 days.
(From time started to sent out)
Main Page Updated On:
02/27/03 at 3:15 PM Pacific
(I may not update the main page everytime I update the status page. Change on this page may be a mere turnaround update or a whole news paragraph. Section updates specified below.)
Backlog: None.
(Does not include trades)

Recent News:Happy New Year!

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Reference List
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New tapes:
(6/6/02) Kodomo no Omocha 37-40, Ayatsuri Sakon 9-12, Pretear 1-5, *Brother Dear Brother 33-35.*

The Rules (Updated 8/26/01)
Price List (Updated 1/07/02)
Requesting (Updated 10/01/01)
The Tape List (Last Updated 10/06/02)
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Disclaimer: All of these tapes are fansubs. I do not copy tapes purchased from a store. (I have quite a few of those but they are not on my list.) Please consult my reference list if you are wary of sending a request or trading. *If you are upset by a title on my page, fansubber or any other company with a legal right/created something, please e-mail me and if you want I will remove a title.* I am fairly young and new at this so please be lenient with me, I don't have many master tapes and I don't have much access to lots of kinds of blank tapes. Thanks!

Pictures of Juri creditted to Juri-chan of Arisugawa's Locket.

Pictures from Oniisama are personally scanned.