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The Most Common 93 Phrasal Verbs

ask out ask someone to go on a date
account for to explain something
act on to do something in accordance with sth
beat up to continue hitting until the person is in bad shape
blow up to demolish something;to make a balloon or a car tire or a soccer ball bigger;to get very angry
break into to get to home without permission
break down to damage something; to stop running and need repair(about car);to cry, to be unable to function; to deteriorate, to rot( about substance); mean to explain something in simple terms
break up to end a relationship with someone
bring up to rear
bring about to make something
carry out to do something more( e.g. experience );to perform an action for someone
call back return a telephone call
call off to cancel
call on ask to speak in class
call up to make a telephone call
cross out draw a line through
catch up with to do something to be as good as the rest of people( e.g. at school );to gain news about someone or something after a time away or time apart
chicken out to be afraid of something,somebody
close down to bankrupt
come out to be written,to get to know about something,to let people know that somebody is gay
deal with don't put something off till later, but you handle it now
die out to go extinct
drop off to take a nap
do over do again
figure out find the solution to a problem
fill in complete a sentence by writing in a blank
fill out write information in a form (e.g. an application form)
fill up fill completely with gas, water, coffee, etc.
find out discover information
fall apart to be in a bad condition
frown upon/on to look at somebody distrustfully
get in enter a car, a taxi
get off leave a bus, an airplane, a train, a subway, a bicycle
get on enter a bus, an airplane, a train, a subway, a bicycle
get over recover from an illness
give back return something to someone
give up quit doing something or quit trying
give out to give something somebody
give in to do what somebody orders
give off to stink
go down to be not accepted;something can be cheaper(about prices);to be famous(history);to walk down the stairs
go round enough for everybody
go back to return to the past
go on to keep doing something;to have no idea what is the situation about
hand in give homework, tests, papers, etc., to a teacher
hand out give something to this person, then that person,then another person,etc
hang up hang on a hanger or a hook;end a telephone call
hand down to tell or give something from generation to generation
hand over someone asks you or forces you to give something to them
lead up to to cause something
let down to disapoint someone
catch on to become a habit/tradition
live up to be as someone expects
look up look for information in a reference book
look into to examine something
look forward to be waiting with anticipation for something that will happen
leave out to omit
make up invent,to think up something
make out to preceive sth; to write out a cheque
make up my mind to decide about something
keep on to continue
pull down to destroy something
to put up with to tolerate something
put out to extinguish something
put on to make a show
pay back return money to someone
pick up to lift
put away put something in its usual or proper place
put back return something to its original place
put down stop holding or carrying
put off postpone
put on put clothes on one's body
soak through to become very wet
shut off stop a machine or light, turn off
start over start again
kiss up to you say nice things and do favors for someone (esp a boss) so they'll be good to you
talk into to tell somebody to do something
take on to learn to play something
take after to be similar to somebody
take off remove clothes from one's body
tear down to destroy a building
tear off detach, tear along a dotted or perforated line
tear up tear into small pieces
throw away/out put in the trash
try on put on clothing to see if it fits
turn down decrease the volume
turn off stop a machine or a light, shut off
turn on begin a machine or a light
turn up increase the volume
wake up stop sleeping
write down write a note on a piece of paper
stand for to be short form;to represent something and to be for something
use up to get to the end of the supply of something