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Exercise 1

Put the correct phrasal verb in the correct place.

Choose one of these phrasal verbs: hand over,lead up to,let down,catch on,live up to,look up,look into, leave out,make up,make out,make up my mind,keep on,pull down,look forward,start over,kiss up to,talk into,take on,take after,take off,tear down,tear off,tear up.

1)I want to read another book but I canít _____ about which one to choose.

2)I ______ to my next visit to Poland. I canít wait!

3)I wonder if I will _____ my parentsí expectations.

4)I trusted him to help me but he ___ me ____.

5)The writing was so blurry, I could not ____ what it said.

6)Do you think that Beatle music will ever ____?

7)If you take that path, you will ___ everything we have worked so hard to create.

8)When I tell that story, I ____ the embarrassing parts.

9)Whenever I want to know something, I can _____ the answer on the internet.

10)OK, ______ the money you took from me!

11)When he doesnít remember the facts, he will just _____ something that sounds good.

12)He was so nervous when he began talking to me, I wondered what he could be ________.

13)I know youíre tired but you must ____ trying to finish before dark.

14)Thatís an interesting subject. I must ______ it further when I have time.

15)My father will_____ me and my brother____ a sword that belong to his grandfather.

16)My computer shut down when I was typing my essay, so now I must ____.

17)I ____ my mother because I also have red hair.

18)Itís not necessary to ____ the paper into such little pieces.

19)I hope I have enough time this fall to ____ another evening class at the university.

20)Iím tired of waiting on the runway. I hope we can ___ soon!

21)I donít respect some of my co-workers because they ____ the boss when they want some extra time off.

22)If you ____ the ticket stub before you enter the theater, you will have to pay again.

23)I told him heíd have a good time, but I canít ___ him ___ going with us.

24)I think someone should ____ my parentsí old house before it falls.

Jennifer needs some resting time. She is so stressed that no one can believe that she will �cool down� unless she rests for some time.

Choose one of these phrasal verbs:put up with,put out,put on,pay back,pick up,put away,put back,put down,put off,put on,soak through,shut off,throw away/out,try on,turn down,turn off,turn on,turn up,wake up,write down,stand for,use up.

1)I donít think heís sincere. He just _____ a smiling face.

2)This book is so good, I canít ___ it ____.

3)Please ____ those smelly old socks.

4)When youíre finished with the mower, please __ it ___ in the garage.

5)I donít know if I can _____ your foolishness any longer!

6)If he is elected, I know he will ____ what is right.

7)If I worked hard on a hot day, I will ____ my shirt!

8)This box is too heavy to ___ by myself. Can you help me?

9)When I ____ the fan, it gets very stuffy in here.

10)Did you ____ all the peanut butter? I canít find any on the shelf.

11)I hope to ____ the money you loaned me by next week.

12)I want to ____ these pants to see if they are the right size for me.

13)Do you ____ before the alarm goes off in the morning?

14)Something unexpected came up, so we must ____ our dinner date until later.

15)Itís dark in here. Would you ____ that light?

16)Iím finished studying so itís time to ____ my school books.

17)If you will ____ your e-mail address, I promise I will write to you.

18) _____ your best suit for the wedding.

19)I canít hear very well. Would you ____ the radio?

20)Would you _____ that light when you leave the room?

21)When we make the last símore, we will ____ the fire.

22)Would you _____ the music? Itís way too loud.