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You Pick Strawberry & Raspberry Farm

You pick Strawberries

Strawberries begain to ripen sometime after the first of June, depending on the weather. You can email us for exact date we will open any time after the first of June. We will try to post the exact date on this page as soon as possible.

You pick Raspberries

The Raspberries should start ripening sometime after the first week of August. I will post exact date as soon as possible.
This will be a first year for the Raspberry field. If all goes well I should have 20 rows of Raspberries about 300 ft.long. I am trying this operation due to the high price I see in the store. I am trying to give people some place to pick there own at reasonable prices. I am trying to keep this operaton all chemical free if possible.
We will sell all berries by the qt.

For more information you can email the address below.