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There are a few rules you must follow in order to be able to wrestle in WWE. You have to follow these rules. If you don't, one or more of the following things may happen:

The rules are:

1) The bookers decision is FINAL.
2) All character names can be real or fictional.
3) You must participate in all scheduled events. (ie. don't start crying to me, "but I don't wanna fight so-and-so)
4) Don't take anything seriously. This is for recreational purposes only.
5) Do NOT argue with how your matches turn out. If any complaints are recieved, you will be suspended for 1 and a 1/2 weeks, no questions asked.
7) You must roleplay at least 2 times a week. If you fail to do this, your wrestler will be come a jobber, losing at will and dropping off the contenders list. Where when a new wrestler signs up, you will be kicked out. You may sign up again after that. If you are not able to roleplay, you must contact WWE head officials.
8) An Application MUST include a sample roleplay. WWE is only interested in hiring the best roleplayers who are DEDICATED to their work.
9) An application with frequent mis-spellings, ALL CAPS, missing fields, etc. WILL NOT EVEN BE LOOKED AT.
10) The image of your wrestler is not a description. It's either an actual living person and that's what (s)he looks like, or you won't have a picture on the image page.
11) For CHARACTER, give a detailed story on their history. That way we get a better chance at understanding the character and thus getting you over more on TV via the announcers meaning more storylines and titles. No More Dark/Gothic Gimmicks!! You apply with one of those and you're getting turned down. Been done to death in WWE, resurrected, then done to death again.
12) FINISHERS: 2 MAXIMUM. After months of seeing this, it has become quite common to see people regularly listing 3-5 finishers. Here's a question, how many finishing moves does Chris Benoit use? Two, one regular move, and one submission. So you can only have a max of 2 finishers, but one of them must be a regular move and the other a submission. It's not necessary to have two finishers, as how you can have just one if you like. You can also email me for any suggestions on a finisher for your character because I do have access to a large list of known finishers, plus some created ones. I also suggest doing anything from the top rope unless it's something along the lines of a moonsault or 450 splash.

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