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West Michigan Wrestling  
Can Jesse Swanson Capture The WMW Championship?

To quote Marcus Black, "Not in his lifetime." 

Jesse Swanson the current number one contender for the WMW Championship thinks differently. Swanson dream is to capture the WMW Championship, and nothing is going to stand in his way. To bad Swanson has to very big obstacles to get out of teh way first. Those obstacles have the names of Marcus Black and Crusher, better known as the Self Proclaimed World's Best Tag Team. Sure it looks impossible to do, but is it? Jesse Swanson has already defated Crusher. (Might I add that this was while Crusher was WMW Champion.) He also defated Crusher and Marcus Black in a handicap match. In the match he pinned Marcus Black. However, in singles matches againest Marcus Black, Jesse does not come up on top. Marucs Black has won every singles match they've had againest each other. All I know is that Jesse Swanson vs. Marcus Black will be a feud for the ages.

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