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Greetings from Wendy
(April 19, 2006)





Okay I'm going to vent out a little rage here, but it really won't matter since NO ONE will see it anyway! I'm thinking to myself why did I spend all this time and effort in trying to work on keeping these pages up to date? I mean I haven't updated these pages in eons yet no one has ever written to say "Hey what's up with the web page. I tried to look up a schedule or to find out an event and it's not updated - what gives?" So I've decided to hell with everyone - I just get phone calls about when the games are or where they are at, when I'll be in town or when I'll be out of town. Which tells me even though I took the time to keep the schedules and scores up to date these past few years no one has ever even looked to see them online. I have even made printable versions, applied pictures and videos, calendars, etc. But it seems all in vien, so I'm not going to keep this for anyone but myself anymore.

If you are actually reading this well first I'd be very f-n suprised and second I'd hope you'd send me an email saying "hey yeah I actually did look at this from time to time." I won't hold my breath though.

To be truthful I haven't had any time, apparently since August of 2005, to update anything much anyway. But hell all the schedules were there until end of season last year. Now I'm going to update only for my own perverse pleasure when I have a chance to get back into the swing of learning something new.

The saying is nothing ventured nothing gained, but in the case of this little ole web site something ventured and still nothing gained (ha).

I'm done!

Here's a brief tour of what you'll find on this site along with the dates they were updated:

Home You are here. The portal to all the rest of the information. I'll try to change messages, put some little tidbits here and there when I find them. General news or to let you know updates on other pages. 8/13/2005
Ian Dedicated to what's going on in Ian's world. Ian I'm sure will help me develop his page content. So don't be surprised to find bizarre things placed at this site, but also mom and dad will put in updates you might want to know about as well. 1/29/2005
Eli This page as you might already surmise is going to be directly related to Ellis' world. A glimpse into Eli's' brain will reside here. Now won't that be fun. Think back to when you were 9 or 10. This should be an interesting part of the site to develop. I'm hoping it's not just a dedication to Sponge Bob and the rest of Nickelodeon.  7/6/2005
Ema Ms. Ema will has her own page here too. Filled with sugar and spice and everything nice, well until she hits that age. 11/2/2004
Sports Update I'm going to post the game schedules here. I'll also post scores after the games, can't guarantee daily, but will try to update as often as possible. Links to the relevant teams web pages and some snapshots here and there.


Schedules Removed


This is your area. Want me to post something for everyone to see? Have some news, moving, need to share or find something? Have pictures you'd like to share? Just send em my way and I'll happily post em. Remember this is a public site and children do attend now and again as well as the lost internet traveler.