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August 16 Cedar Springs Scrimmage Cedar Springs
August 19 Kelloggsville Invitational Brewer Park
August 23 Wayland Invitational Wayland
September 3 OK Gold Grade Level Invitational Holland Christian
September 8 Middleville Invitational Yankee Springs State Park
September 13 Lakeview Invitational Battle Creek Lakeview
September 17 Hastings and Holland Christian Johnson Park
September 20 Cedar Springs Invitational Cedar Springs
September 24 Middleville and Caledonia Hastings
September 27 Carson City Crystal Invitational Carson City
October 1 Byron Center Johnson Park
October 4 Portage Invitational Portage
October 8 South Christian and Wyoming Park Johnson Park
October 11 Foxes and Hounds Invitational Kalamazoo Valley CC
October 15 OK Gold Conference Meet Johnson Park
October 17 Allegan County Invitational Wayland
October 25 Regional Meet Yankee Springs State Park
November 1 State Finals Mich. Int.-Speedway