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Sonic Fights Robotnik

The Legend Will Never Die


It came as if from nowhere. The people of couldn't prepare themselves for what was to happen that day. With this seemingly harmless post that was ignored by all, it became prophetic when later that day (June 24, 1998 to be exact) the first chapter in the legendry SONIC FIGHTS ROBOTNIK series came out. Known throughout the Sonic internet community for its references to Mountain "Due," Green Day, Furry everything, cybersex, and the word FOCK, it still lives on even though Sonic Fan hasn't been heard from since June 26, 2000. As Sonic Fan's official page has been dead due to xoom/nbci no longer existing as a "make your own webpage!" community, there hasn't been a central location to find the works of Sonic Fan.

Until today.

I suppose I should make it clear that I am not Sonic Fan. I didn't write these stories. So in the immortal words of Sonic Fan, "ATTENTION: This is a good story so no bad coments please!"

The Original Series

Sonic Fights Robotnik (6/24/1998) - The begining of a legend...
Sonic Fights Robotnik 2: The Next Battle (6/29/1998) - Vision, Lord of Pez is AWWWWSOME!!1
Sonic Fights Robotnik 3: Too Fast For The Naked Eye (7/12/1998) - "AHHHHHH!!! NO! NOT PINBALL!"
Sonic Fights Robotnik 4: Meet Dr. Quack (7/19/1998) - MEGA-GEM quack
Sonic Fights Robotnik 5: The Good Snivley (8/17/1998) - Alternate reality mayhem!
Uncle Bob Returns (9/12/1998) - Never happens in Sonic Fan continuity, as it is replaced by the next story (Special spell-checked edtion released 6/11/1999 for reasons still unknown)
Sonic Fights Robotnik 6: The Final Battle! (9/27/1998) - Better than Endgame?!
Sonic Fights Robotnik 7: Blue Streak Speeds By (1/16/1999) - BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE

"That story was kind of OK i guess." - Chrono Trigger's Lucca, SFR 7

The Continued Adventures

Blue Apple (5/30/1999)

Sonic the Hedgehog's Ultimate Adventures Episode 1: The Return of Robo Shlobo (date unknown/fanfic missing)
Sonic the Hedgehog's Ultimate Adventures Episode 2: Robotnik's Big Break (12/19/1999)

Shadowfox I (4/16/2000)
Shadowfox II (6/21/2000)
Shadowfox III (6/26/2000)

The Star Trek Tales

Alien Attack! (06/27/1998)
The Borg With the Golden Gun (date unknown/fanfic missing)

The "Lost" Works

Character Profiles
Segments featuring:
- Re: Sonic Story (08/14/1998)
- Re: FAN FIC SERVEY (06/03/1999)
The Original Offical Sonic Fan Homepage

The "Fan" Parodies

Sonic Fights Robotnik 643: The next last battle by Mark Palenik (7/18/1998)
Sonic fights Robotnik 100, Sonic Fan's Final Insult! by CMJ (8/28/1998)
Sonci FIthsg RObgotnik by KissME (9/10/1998) - Was also posted falsely under Sonic Fan's name for some unknown reason.
Sonic Fights Robotnik 10^100: I Should Stop Writing These Focking Things Already by Elaine Will (9/19/1998)
Sonic fights robotnik 6: The final battle by GrnAshura (9/24/1998)

So you may be thinking to yourself "What ever happened to Sonic Fan?" Unfortunately, I have no answer to give. But more than likely you're thinking "Was this guy for real?!" No one knows for sure except Sonic Fan himself. Some think that these stories were written by someone who was already a part of the AFSH community and was parodying the fanfiction of the day. Others believe that he was for real, and that he just didn't care what others said, perhaps using this negative publicity to his advantage, causing more people to read his work then would otherwise. Still others think that Sonic Fan was walking in the Great Forest one day and was struck by lighting, maintain the body of Princess Sally yet now having the head of Sonic the Hedgehog...wait, wrong person. Regardless, it has been years since Sonic Fan appeared, leaving his saga unfinished. Perhaps one day he will return, finish Shadowfox, and complete his tale. But until that day, the legend will endure. So in conclusion, I leave you with this...

"David Gonterman is one of if not the best Sonic writer ever" - Sonic Fan

Oh, and before you run away, E-mail me if you have anything you want to send, be it the missing tales or anything else interesting of note that may or may not relate to this page.