Astral Weeks
Rating: 3 (library disc)
   Well, what do you know... yet another "rock classic" turns out to be a passionately sung collection of two-note melodies performed by a group that grossly overestimates the musical interest provided by endless jazzy vamping on folksy chord progressions. I wish I could say I'm surprised.


  • From Ben Griffin: Give it another try - and, no, I'm not a Van fanatic. But since you say it was a library disc, I think you should keep at it. I loved St. Dominic's Preview and It's Too Late To Stop Now, so I got Astral Weeks and after a couple of spins it sat neglected and regretted for at least a year. I started to find myself humming the title song's bass line one day, though, and brought the disc out. Now I think it's fantastic. You don't need to be troubled and narcotized to see the beauty of this; (tho' it helps).

  • From Alexander Fong: Great site! I regularly check in for updates. By the way, I think Van Morrison's Astral Weeks is classic but not as strong as the more carefully constructed Moondance! I think he sings two-note melodies because he doesn't have much vocal gets better by Tupelo Honey, but he really gets by on his phrasing and delivery.
    Regards to Abe and the family.

  • From Michael Hughes: I see on your website that you are a big reader. You should read Lester Bangs' review/memoir about "Astral Weeks" and it might give you a new perspective. You can find it in the Lester collection Psychotic Reactions And Carburator Dung. His description of what AW meant to him at a tough time during his life is fantastic.

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