The Wall
Rating: 2

How do I hate this album? Let me count the ways.
I hate it to the depth of its self-pity and breadth of its misanthropy and height of its pretension.
It sucks my soul, it depletes my attention
With its bleating ignorance of musical grace.
I hate it to the crepuscular ways
It gasps with need, unwarmed by any sunís light.
I hate it freely, it plagues my sight.
I hate it purely, it resists all praise.
I hate it with the passion put to use
In Roger Watersí old griefs, abusing my childhood's faith.
I hate it with the bile that runs so loose
In its unfocused track. I hate it with the croaking breath,
Gloppy solos, dragging tempos; and, if God choose,
I shall but hate it more after I go deaf.

But "Another Brick in the Wall" sure is catchy.


  • From Shaun Damon: I just spent (wasted) 20 minutes looking at your site, and I can't help wondering why anyone who DOESN'T REALLY LIKE rock and roll would bother to create a website devoted to it!
    Ever write and record a song, Steve? (I'm not asking Abe because as evidenced by his replies, he's obviously retarded). If so, please post it on your site, as I'm sure Pink Floyd, The Who, Alice Cooper, XTC and all the other artists you attack could use the inspiration!
    So you think Roger Waters is hopelessly cynical? Well, guess what, asshole: He creates, you criticize! Who's the real cynic?
  • STEVE AND ABE RESPOND: Abe says, "Play railroad." Steve says: "I certainly will bewaugh, as soon I figure out how."

  • From Piccolo Bond: I totally agree. I'm from England, and we've been churning out shit music for fifty years, 'bout time someone had the guts to tell us what retards we are.
    Pink Floyd are fucking arseholes, who are incapable of making good music.

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