The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd
Rating: 3
   Now, this record title is an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

  • From Jessica (aka Mrs. Steve and Abe): (Jessica is rolling on the floor laughing...)
  • From Dennis Bandiero: I took a glance at your site. Your review of Venus and Mars was decent, so I figured I'd check on what you had to say about the inventive mix of rock, blues, soul, and country that is Lynyrd Sknyrd's best 3-4 records. Instead, you chose to toe the (very boring and predictable) party line and write off one helluva an original band due to crap thrown on them by others. Nice job. Please find another gig.
  • From Alexander Harris: I really like your web site. Even tho I probably wouldn't agree with a lot of your tastes, your site really shows that it's okay to have radically different opinions than the majority. I particularly like the review of Highway 61 Revisited, which pretty much explains most "rock fans" excellently in the first two paragraphs. Most people, from Web critics to fans of recent bands, really don't care much about creativity; "personal expression" really is the only thing that judges quality for them, and it's very true that happy music is always judged as "fake" and "contrived".
    Another interesting note: I live in Mississippi, and I have never met a single Bruce Springsteen fan. I get the impression that Lynyrd Skynyrd is to the South what Bruce Springsteen is to the North, since it seems like Springsteen is supposedly one of the biggest American rock stars with an American identity and all (actually, I'm pretty unfamiliar with him, but that's the impression I tend to get), but I've never met anyone who was into him. However, I've met many, many fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd. (This could also be partly because I've always been around large numbers of guitarists, who appreciate three-guitar bands a lot more than the average person.)
    I also like the reviewing scale; it's obviously another musician doing the site, since none of the albums get perfect ratings. :-) I've never heard a perfect album, either, and it really makes me mad when people give a "perfect" grade to an album which in fact they have a lot of reservations with. I think a lot of times it has to do with historical importance and the like.

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