When I Was Born Again for the Seventh Time
Rating: 3 (library disc)
   Wow, what a disappointment. All the critics were raving about some grand fusion of Indian and pop music, but it's just kind of cheap rave music (literally - they're playing those old Casio synths that we had in 1985; maybe it's supposed to be "ironic" or something, but it just sounds "bad") mixed with amateurish guitar playing. Apparently "Brimful of Asha" was a hit in Britain, but it's not any better than the rest. The singer has a very limited voice, mixed way out front, and it doesn't appeal to me much. Particularly annoying was the sampled voice on "What is Happening?"
   Oh, and they "adapt" "Norweigan Wood". Some adaptation: they just sing it in Punjabi. Same melody, same guitar licks, same sitar part. So much for a bold fusion.

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