Greatest Hits
Rating: 2
Squirm factor: 2
Lots of people think this group is the greatest American rock band, but I really can't see what sets them apart from Foreigner, except that I like Lou Gramm's voice better. Steven Tyler's got a pretty irritating set of pipes (and then he keeps screaming), and the songs have melodies that are pretty reminiscent of the bagpipe player next door.
   I guess I keep this record because I listen to it every couple years thinking I'll understand their appeal. But I never do.
   I'm giving it a few points for a very tight rhythm section, though. Joey Kramer is a subtly powerful drummer who knows how to swing when it counts. Bass player Tom Hamilton locks in nicely as well.

  • From CosmicBen: I'm glad someone else can't stand Aerosmith. A few cool songs aside, they are just annoying.
  • STEVE AND ABE RESPOND: Abe says, "Guhwaa." Steve says: "And this review was based on their seventies music. I don't know what rating I'd give it if I had to consider 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing.' Do other pages give negative numbers? Thanks for writing!"

  • From Cole Bozman: Thank God. I'm so sick of hearing these guys. I used to be able to tolerate a few of their songs, but five trillion plays of "Dream On" and those crappy power ballads have turned me against them.

  • From B. Dickson: Interesting to see that I wrote a comment a few months ago (using an older e-mail address) defending Aerosmith to an extent and it doesn't get printed, while the three sentence slammings (I wouldn't class them as "reviews") flow freely. You know if my comment was too long you could have just edited it. But why pretend that most discussion about rock music is really just a thinly disguised, "I'm better than you ‘cause I like the cooler band" snobbery fest? Can a group of musicians really be that horrible? Or do you all need whipping boys that much? Still, I hardly listen to rock music anymore these days, so I guess in the end it's no big deal either way. Thanks for reading.
  • STEVE AND DENNIS AND ABE RESPOND: Dennis says, "Buh buh." Abe says, "I'm wearing black socks just like the firefighters." Steve says: "Sorry, I didn't get your earlier note. For the record, I don't think Aerosmith are terrible people - I don't know them. I think they make terrible music. Thanks for writing!"

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