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Stefania's Videos


John and Natalie Music Video

09/14/06 - I've just uploaded all my soap related videos to YouTube. Here is the list along with their links.

Soap Opera Related:
1. "Vermillion Part II" - This video stars Carly (Tamara Braun) and Lorenzo (Ted King) from General Hospital. Music by Slipknot.

2. "Hand Me Down" - This video stars Kendall (Alicia Minshew) and Aidan (Aiden Turner) from All My Children and depicts how Aidan was always there for Kendall even when no one else wanted to be. Music by Matchbox Twenty.

3. "Safe and Sound" - This video stars John (Michael Easton) and Natalie (Melissa Archer) from One Life to Live and it puts emphasis on the fact that John is always there to make sure Natalie is safe and sound. Music by Sheryl Crow.

4. "The Search is Over" - This video also stars John and Natalie from One Life to Live. It contains clips of John's search and rescue of Natalie after she was kidnapped by Hayes Barber. Music by Survivor.

5. "On a Day Like Today" (above) - Once again, a video starring John and Natalie from One Life to Live. It shows the fallout of the Cristian secret John kept from Natalie. Music by Keane.

Personal Slideshows
1. Mark and Theresa's Wedding

2. Trip to Cincinnati

If you would like to have your own copies of these, please contact me at or on any messageboards you may know me from. I can YouSendIt the videos to you. If a certain video seems to be getting a lot of requests, I will repost it here. I can usually only post one video at a time, though, due to my limited space so please take that into consideration if your requested video was not posted right away. Thanks!