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To the man who never writes.

From the girl who always will.

Song List
1.) Shelby Starner - "You"
One of my favorite songs. I think it's absolutely beautiful. How I generally feel a majority of the time.
2.) Reggie and the Full Effect - "Megan 2k"
Their infatuation with Megan intrigues me. I wish I was someone's Megan...
3.) Taking back Sunday - "Cute without the 'e'" (acoustic)
I think this acoustic version is really nice. :)
4.) Grandaddy - "The Warming Sun"
Some more Grandaddy for you. I just love this song, and it makes me think a lot..about things I already spend too much time thinking about. Makes sad, but that's okay, I love sad songs.
5.) Howie Day - "Collide"
Beautiful. Wishes and Hopes. Shattered dreams. fjalkedjf;oiewanlkfdfa;. you know.
6.) Eniac - "I'll Never Get Home"
Just to hold you...
7.) Jessica Riddle - "Your Girl"
Reminds me of my father. I used to play it on repeat when I was younger (as in like 15 or 16 or something like that).
8.) Colin Hay - "I Don't Think I'll Ever Get over You"
I think is unfortunately self-explanatory.
9.) Guster - "Demons"
A band my friend Heidi introduced me to. I just like this song.
10.) Brett Dennen - "By and By"
11.) Open Hand - "Time to Talk"
12.) John Mayer - "Comfortable"
Missing someone. . .mising a happy love. It reminds me of my oldest sister and her ex boyfriend..and of you and a girl you loved.
13.) Finch - "Letters to You"
Damn it. :\
14.) Hanson - "Save Me"
My favorite Hanson song. Seriously in love with this song.
15.) Reggie and the Full Effect - "Megan 2k2 (Even though it's 2k3 now)"
Someone said I would like this song. I loved it.

Every song tells a story.

With love.