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Cage System.

A question I get often is how my barn is set up..waste etc. This is the system that I came up works for me. When I expanded the barn and rabbits, trays were to much work. I now use a drop board system. My cages are 7' strips, with 6 cages in each. The doe strips are made of baby saver wire. I have all my cages made my Darrell Howe a friend and Cal breeder. I hang 4 strips back to back facing away from one another. They are hung from chain and S hooks..very easy to hose off. The urine and droppings land on a tilted plexi-glass board. With enough angle for the urine and most dropping to roll off. Under each section of cages I lay landscape fabric..very strong. Allowing the urine to soak thru to gravel underneath and I just pull the droppings out weekly.I always felt the urine soaked shavings were not good on the rabbits respitory system. Here are few pictures I recently took.

Cage System

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Here's is me in my "new" denim jacket I had painted with my Otter Jr buck from Texas..recognize him? I did the "Herdsman" Award bag and the bottom photo is my new apron!! I have done some "cavy and rabbit" embroidery for a few friends and hope to do more for clubs etc in the future. I am going to post pictures..if you need any breed specific stuff let me know- AFTER Grand Rapids!!Here are 2 patches for "Spring Creek Gems Rabbitry" in Tennessee. A cavy apron for Heather Bondra and a sweatshirt for Les Bond-Primeline..and a shirt for me!

Embroidered Garments

Embroidered Garments Embroidered Garments

Embroidered Garments Embroidered Garments

Embroidered Garments 10/278/07


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