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My Own Breeding Ideas

This page will be a idea of what "I" bred -colors to colors..Please be aware this is only "MY" opinion and idea on what has worked for me. Not gospel..not written in stone. Many, many others will NOT agree..I personally want to keep my lines as clean as possible.Many factors will contribute to this..having a FULL, honest, pedigree..while using anything imported there is ALWAYS unknowns.Believe me at times you will get pedigrees that are NOT correct-it happens. Many time you will figure this out in future breedings. Please be aware this is just what I do-hope you enjoy and it helps your programs in the future-


I like to use a good black (not a seal)with other selfs-dilutes to keep nails dark. Also with Chestnuts,Otters,CHins and Silver Martens.


I use Sables, Smokes together..and with Himis. A nice seal will work with smokes or Himis. I will also use a Sable Marten with sables and smokes.


I like to use Otters with Chestnuts and Chins with Silver Martens...I always bred a dilute like a Opal or Squirrel with something darker..Black Otter (example)


Otters with blacks, chestnuts other dilute otters and agoutis

Sable martens with Smoke martens and sables and smokes..a seal or a blue..


Himis I use with a darker sable or seal alot..nails and points are important.

These are some of the main colors in my barn..working on brokens and getting good color..I keep them in the same groups and use them the same.


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