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Thank You for coming too "Swihart's Rabbit Habit"

Hello everyone haven't updated the site in a while..I will be in PA in April for ANDRC Nationals and will have sale rabbits..text me 517-7401276 I have a few pictures.. or see me there-Somehow I have messed with the buttons on top..they still work..back later to fix them- I have some cute rabbit totes to sell as will be for the ANDRC raffle table and i have sold another but will have one more to sell..

New addition to the "Misc. page-I am doing a few new rabbit sew-outs..

Here's is a little "Swihart Rabbit Habit" history 101- I am located just south of Jackson, MI., where I was born and raised. We have been involved in the rabbit hobby since our youngest was that's 19 years. I have been married to my husband Charlie this year for 36 years!! We have raised 3 simply wonderful kids..very lucky we are!! We have 6 fabulous grand-kids..our little June and her new little sister Ellie and our grandson Colton and his new little sister Caroline, and our youngest daughter Stephanie and our SIL Dom have 2 happy little daughter's Mckinley Rose and Brooklyn Jean!!We have made many great friends and been to alot of great places thru rabbits. I belong to ARBA, ANDRC, MSRBA. I acquired my ANDRC Charter Breeder status in 1999 - an accomplishment I am very proud of. I raise Netherland Dwarfs in the Selfs, Tan, Agouti and Broken pattern.

Our rabbits are raised in a temperature controlled barn. Separate nursery for does and litters and a new area for jrs and breeding bucks. Keeping them separate I will be able to keep the main barn much cooler. I breed strictly to the standard and occasionally have breeding and show stock for sale. Please check the SALES page for "new" sale rabbits.

I am looking forward to "new" business cards for the rabbitry..being done by my webmaster Caitlyn Newberry..her contact info is below..she is VERY reasonable for her work- Email Caitlyn - E-MAIL

I have added a few pictures of some "new" rabbit and cavy embroidery I have recently done on the "Misc"page. MISC. I will be doing more "breed"specific things in the future! Hope to see you all at the shows.

I have a new page - BREEDING. You can see My Own Breeding Ideas there.a

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