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The Ridin' D's Car Club....And So The Tradition Begins.

July 4th, 1776, the day the Declaration of Independence was written. September 17th, 1787, The US Constitution was first signed. And on July 30th, 2004, The Ridin' D's Car Club became a reality. Story goes that the club was thought of by Jason Sholy and then spread to fellow confidant Justin Winger, who in turn told me, Marc Stankus. For those unfamiliar with this car club, let's take a minute to feed those questions you may have upon entering this soon to be exquisite club. The idea of The Ridin' D's C.C. is that it gives everyone an opportunity to become a member of a car club that really doesn't have any special requirements. As long as your car has 4 wheels, it's in, unless it's a foreign car...then it must be approved by me, and possibly fellow club members if I am having my doubts. At this time, me, Jason, and Justin are all in the meeting process in order to find the best way of representation possible for our other words, a logo. Currently, a small sticker in the lower corner of the back window is the designated spot...but what we're going to get on them is being discussed. Don't worry, it's nothing gaudy or stupid looking. We're not in this for the logo, oh no, we're in this to get as many members as possible, so that we can represent the Ridin' D's in next years Woodward Dream Cruise, as well as other cruises during the spring/summer. We plan on recruiting anybody...meaning, as long as you fill out the all important application, you're in. The application itself is basically a way for me to get a hold of you when needed, whether it's email, phone, or mail. This website will be considered a lobby for all members and non-members alike. Each member will have picture profiles w/ their car, as well as info on meetings, cruises, and any other info we may come across. Currently, the club charge will be $5.00, but nothing will be collected until members meet you because we know that nobody's gunna want to give their money to people they don't know. We're not here to rip you off, but at the same time, we will collect the fee because just as Justin and Jason are the co-founders, we're no better than you are...we're all in the same club as power trips, just organizers of a club to have fun with other members who enjoy or don't enjoy their cars. Costs will be for the logo sticker, and possibly other items we'll need to purchase. Newsletters may or may not be sent out, depending on the popularity of this site, which after a few months will be the main source of info. We don't care if you love your car or hate your car, we don't care if you have a tape player in your vehicle...but seriously, if you do, maybe we'll use extra money in the club to get you one! 2 doors, 4 doors, 5 doors (?), you're all welcome to join this soon to be big car club. Just think, when you put this sticker on your car, people will know that it's a car club as seen by the "C.C." on your logo, but what they will ask you is what the "D" stands for. And you know what, you can tell them whatever you want. It doesn't have to be the ever-so-obvious answer, it can mean anything. Today is Thursday, August 5th 2004, and this is the first of many entries in the website. This is just an intro to become familiar with the idea of the club itself, and remember, everything about this Car Club is new...and official rules and other things will be added here in the nearest future. If you're interested, which you are, in becoming a member, please email me by clicking on the email address link at the bottom of the page and I'll send it to you ASAP. Just fill it out and give it back to me, and you're in, unless you drive something overseas, then we decide, but chances are you'll be accepted instantly. Thanks for taking interest in this club, in a short amount of time, The Ridin' D's C.C. will be spreading.