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Sailor Moon Dub Bashing


That's right. I'm RESTARTING a web page! This one will hopefully last a lil while longer... Anyway, a lot has happened recently. Jay's away in college <( And I met a ton of people last weekend at BAAF (Big Apple Anime Fest) last weekend! ^^ I'm going to attempt to make this site more organized... If that's possible for me to do, and go in order of my list :)


My one comment for last Saturday's adventure... SUGOI, NE?! BAAF kicked ass! I went as Aeris from FFVII, and I went with my friend Carmen, her sister Alicia, and their friend Johnny. Carmen, (who told me to go as Aeris), went as Sephiroth*, her sis went as Cammy from Street Fighter, and Johnny went as Trunks from DBZ <3_<3 i luv trunks...

*Sephiroth, for those who do not play Final Fantasy games, Sephiroth was the evil person who kills Aeris in FFVII >( . Her costume kicked ass tho ^^.

Well, getting there was a REAL pain in the butt. The trains we were going to take were closed, thank you very much Bin Ladin, and it was very cold >( By the time we got there, we were ready to just go to China Town and hang out. Thank God we didn't.

We finally paid to get in, accompanied by this guy Louie (very nice middle aged guy), and when you walk in, it's like a mini-mall of Anime stuff... EVERYWHERE was booths filled with Anime wall scrolls and dolls and T-shirts and tapes and HENTAI tapes! and manga and soundtracks and free stuff and ::hits her head:: And it was all pretty well priced! I got two Slayers tapes, subtitled, for $20 (it's cost about $60 in stores) plus 30 of those thin mangas for $5! Needless to say, my bag weighed a ton ^^;;

While there, we met a BIG group of people. They were all VERY nice, and VERY smart (since they like anime). I don't want to write down anyone else's name, because I KNOW i'll forget at least one person and feel terrible about it. ^_^ so we'll just call them the AC (Anime Crew).

The AC traveled all over Manhatten in our Anime cladded outfits. No longer were people looking at a small group of us in mockery and yelling sarcastic remarks at us. They now looked on in complete fear of about 20 people with fake weapons roaming the streets and yelling to each other in another language. The civilians became the Red Sea and parted for us without question. ^^ That was fun. I managed to get an autograph from the voice of Brock from Pokemon. -_- I missed Vegeita's...

AC also entered the Cosplay! The Cosplay is were groups of five or less try to win prizes in front of a big group of people based on costume or skit. I'm gonna try to put down the most memorable and who actually won prizes.

The first skit was 'Sailor Ball Z'. It started out with Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Star Healer (aka Yaten) yucking it up about winning a battle. All of a sudden an evil person from another Anime I never heard of, came on stage and went, "Blah blah blah... Yea, you're dead." Then, who should come to our hero's rescue but... Goten and Android 17?? "In the name of the Dragon Balls, we shall punish you!" But before they could do anything, Ms. Bitchy Sailor Moon asked why 17 was helping if he was evil, and 17 said, "No, no! I'm the GOOD android 17 from ANOTHER parallel universe! ...Yeah!" and they killed the evil enemy. The Sailors were about to thank them, when Android 17 came to an interesting conclusion. "Hey! You guys are always competing for our time slot! Get 'em Goten!" And thus, Sailor Moon and Yaten are dead. ^^ They won SOMETHING, not sure what, but they won for one of the four 'best skits' prizes.

Another one that I think SHOULD have won, was "Lumberjack!". Jen, this is from the Anime you love whose name I can't remember <( Some guy in a white gi and red bandana was on stage, "Well, I need to train some more. And you know what that means! I need to knock down more TREES!" Girl who accompanied him, "Gee, why do you ALWAYS knock down trees?" "Well, you see. When I was little, I didn't want to grow up and become a gang member in a red bandana and white gi. I wanted to grow up to be... a LUMBERJACK!" He then started singing some lumberjack song, but we were laughing to hard to hear him. -_- he won nothing, but i think he should have.

Ummm... this girl who I sat next to (her name was Melanie ^^) was dressed in this BEAUTIFUL kimono that she made herself, dressed as Kaoru... from some anime ^^;; She won Best Costume, the prize was a DVD player ^_^ My other friend Alex, who played the ocarina, won best one person skit, and won the other DVD player ^_^

The guy in front of me, dressed as Ranma should have won too. Before he went up, all of a sudden, this girl just ran from the audience seats and literally JUMPED onto him from a few feet away and practically straddled him. Enter Anna: aka Shampoo*. Upon asking if they knew each other, Ranma and Shampoo turned to me and calmly said, "No," and then Ranma said to Ms. Shampoo, "Hello there..." They made up a skit minutes before he was suppose to go up, and I think this too should have won too:

Ranma: Whenever I go out on Martial Art training trips, and I got my fiance Akane cooking my food, or my father finding snakes and I dunno what else out ther in the wilderness, I always make sure to bring ::whips out a plastic:: my VISA card! Because no matter WHERE you are, Japan, China, a mysterious island, Visa will get you a fine meal!

Shampoo: ::jumps onto stage and bolts over to Ranma and hugs him:: RANMA!

Ranma: Shampoo!

S: Ranma take Shampoo with him, yes?

R: Well, Shampoo, there's something I gotta tell you... ::takes out a plush Pikachu:: Shampoo, I choose you.


S: Ranma! Wo Ai Ni!

^^ shouldn't that have won something??

Shampoo is a character from Ranma 1/2 who is very much a leech to Ranma and will jump onto him and hug him from out of no where. Anna played her part VERY well by sitting on his lap and sayin in a high voice, "Ranma love Shampoo, right?" and hugging him tightly.

Ok, Alicia's skit as Cammy probably would have done better if she chose to based on costume instead of skit. But I give her points for being alone up there. She made a couple of jokes, that I really didn't get since I don't play Street Fighter, but I heard a lot of people laughing, so I'm sure her jokes were great ^_^ Unfortunatly, she didn't win anything either. -_-

Ok, my group! We did FFU! (Final Fantasy Universe!) We collected the following characters: Squall, Sophie, Black Mage, and of course, Sephi and Aeris. Here's our skit ^^

Aeris (Me) : (kneels in center of stage) "Holy! Please save the earth!"

Sephiroth (Carmen) : (Jumps onto stage behind aeris and is ready to kill her) "No Aeris! You won't stop me from calling Meteor and destroying the Earth! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Squall (Chris): (Jumps onto stage and shouts to sephiroth) "Stop Seif- HEY! You're not Seifer! Who ARE you?!"

Sephiroth: "Who are YOU?!"

Aeris: "Where's Cloud?!"

Squall: "Who's CLOUD? Oh well! I summon Buhamut!" (stuffed Snubbles doll from Pokemon G and S flies onto stage)

Aeris: (curiously picks it up and shows to audience with a scared look on her face)

Sephiroth: "That's it! You're gonna die too!" (runs to squall and kills him w/ sword)

Squall: "Ow!" (dies)

Sophie (foreign girl): (runs onto stage upset) "Squall!" (turns to sephiroth) "You killed him! Why?!"

Sephiroth: "Now you die too!" (stabs sopie, she dies too)

Aeris: (sneaks off stage behind Sephiroths back while he's havin a killin frenzy)

Black Mage (Gabe): (runs onto stage and hold out magic wand) "Fire!" (starts to hit his pants furiously) "AHHH! I'M ON FIRE!!!!"

Squall: (hits his pants too, despite bein dead) "AHHHH! I'M ON FIRE!!!!"

Sephiroth: (stabs black mage, he dies too. Walks to middle of stage) AHAHAHAHAHA! NOW NOTHING CAN STOP ME! blah blah blah...."

Aeris: (sneaks up behind him with her rod VERY quiet like and raises above head) DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (hits sephiroth on the noggin)

Sephiroth: (falls down dead) the audience chose to start screamin with applauses then so i screamed REALLY loud:


We managed to win one of the audiences Best Skit choices and won the entire Sailor Moon Manga collection in english! I brought home the three Sailor Stars (the last 3) and the rest were divided amongst the rest of the group and Johnny (trunks) for lending Chris (Squall) the sword, and our friends Tom (Suboshi) and Liam (Chichiri) for being our friends and not winning anything -_-

Johhny's skit was a re-inactment from the History of Trunks when Gohan dies ;_; Very moving... But I loved how dramatic Johnny was at the end screaming, "Gohan! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" ^^

Sorry Suboshi and Chichiri, but I REALLY can't remember much of your skit... However, I distinctly remember the line of, "In the name of the four gods, we're gonna kick your butt!" lol -_- too bad you guys didn't win either.

Our good friend DDR DUDE (Joel I think his name is) already won a DVD for dancing in front of the crowd before the show started to kill some time, otherwise I heard he would have won Alex's DVD player. ^^ But both dances kicked ass!

Other people won stuff that I don't think they really deserved. I think the Lumberjack and Ranma skits should have DEFINITLY won instead of that girl dressed up like she was from Team Rocket and changing their speech to stuff about her and James getting it on. >P She was cute, but I don't think she should have won $250 worth of profesional Animation Markers!

The Dubbed Sakura girl, THAT was worthy of the other $250 markers. It was really cute! She went up on stage and talking like Sakura from the WB's version of CCS (Card Captor Sakura), Card Captors, until she suddenly shrieked, "AH! Oh no, Kero told me about this card! It's the DUBBED card! The one that makes you talk all funny and ruins relationships! ::goes into 'Hooooeeeeee'* mode:: Ahhhhh Yukito-saaaann... ::snaps out of it:: I mean! Julien! It's not like I have a crush on him or anything! Oh no! Ok! ::takes wand:: Clow Card, return to your power... CONFINED! ::shakes head:: I mean," and says it how she does in Japanese. ^_^ That was real cute.

* Sakura's "Hoooeee" mode is when she gets all hearts in her eyes and sighs and says, "Hoooooeeeee!" in a really happy voice.

Ok, AC now has grown in number since the Cosplay, and we head to what is a perfect finish to a perfect day, CHINA TOWN! On the subway, Ms. Shampoo displayed a wonderful exotic pole dance and invited me to join her ^^ ::gush:: After the long ride we made it and ate for a very low price! I sat with Laura, who was a Dancer from Final Fantasy Tactics ^^ She was really nice, but a rookie to Anime ^_~ She has much to learn!

;_; then we left. The original group of four took the ferry and others returned to their homes/hotels... <( WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! ;_; how cruel! But we promised to visit each other again! And I'm sure we will ^^

Well, it's a start...

You know, I hate being 15 and having older friends. Your parents say, "WHAT?! They're HOW old?! Why are they hanging out with YOU?!" u.u gee, thanks mom. I thought you agreed with grandma about my maturity and all...

Well, after asking mom about going to a party at one of my 19 year old friend's house, she completely flipped and said, "He's HOW old?! No!" Because she doesn't know any of them and all. So, me being the lil Techie that I am, asked her if maybe they could come over and she meet them.

"No, Lauren."

Okay... Now I'm mad, how dare she say I can't hang out with people she doesnt know, yet she won't meet them! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Then dad's no help and starts in with how dumb I am to NOT see the big deal with the age differences.

I thought that people were striving for equality in America.

O well, so then I started being rebellious and asking people to come to my house just to piss mom off, when my brain turned back on and decided that pissing mom off even more would lessen my chances of hanging out with them. -_-;

So, now I go to mom, AWAY from interference from dad's one track mind, and get her to let me have the following privileges:

  1. I HAVE to be with Carmen, seeing as she's the only one mom knows, when hanging out with AC It's now Cristina who volunteered for the job! Crissy, I wanna know what you were smoking, cuz I'm gonna abuse this sooo much! ^~
  2. We CAN'T be in ANYONE'S house, only open place like a mall or the city. (she doesn't have to know if we "get so tired, have to rest at Joel's house" tho, ne?)
  3. In the future, she will be glad to meet the AC, and eventually I won't have to rely on Carmen's presence
  4. Whenever Jay's home, and he agrees to come too, I can do ANYTHING with the AC ^^

    Well, it's a little limited, but it IS a start for mom... Hopefully in the future this will change somewhat, but I guess for now it's very good for me. So, hope to see the AC soon!


    OH MY GOD!!!! I'm watching Reboot right now, and YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS EPISODE! It is sooooooo true! It makes fun of Pokemon (and anime in general) so much! Matrix (that's big kick-ass Enzo for those who haven't watched since they were 7) and ORIGINAL Bob go into a game that looks like a Dojo ^^ When they reboot, Matrix looks like a computerized Ash and his dog looks like Pikachu. What does Bob become?? A POKE BALL! ^_^

    "You mean, you keep monsters in cages, and let them go just to fight?"

    "Yeah, so?"

    "THAT'S SICK!"

    lol, Bob, you're the only one who thinks that. A ha ha haaa. ::clears throat:: So when the user (who looks like a super sayin) comes, Bob comes out of the 'X Ball' thingie and looks a HUGE blue charmander, "Wow, I'm a monster... This is diffeent." He uses his 'Atomic Nose Ray' and 'Bottom Wind Attack' to fight off some cute monsters of the user, constantly asking Matrix for help, "I CAN'T! You have to fight ALL 150 monsters of the user YOURSELF!"

    When Bob asks him to cheat and attack the user, there's a really funny thing where it looks like Matrix is going to jump kick the user against that blue screen with the white line, and after 10 seconds of nothing happening, we pan back to see wires holding him up and the screen moving behind him.

    ^^;; Okay, I know that was stupid, but I found it very funny...

    \_/ This is TERRIBLE!

    >( this stinks! Are you watching this?! Sailor Moon S the movie is on Toonami now. I HATE SAILOR MOON WHEN IT'S DUBBED!!!! the only funny thing in this is when Usagi and Chibi-Usa are running away from a monster and they suddenly go, "AH!" and point behind it, and it actually falls for the oldest trick in the book, giving our heroines time to transform. (BTW, how can they fight in those damn mini-skirts when it's SNOWING??) LISTEN TO USAGI (sailor moon) she sounds like a guy! Her voice is too deeeeeeeeeeep! WAAAAAAAAHHHH! And Luna sounds like an old British NANNY! She's suppose be as old as Usagi, or close to it! This Movie is BASED on that! ;_; how could they do this?! We must all band together and form an all Anime channel, like in CANADA!




    At Least My Priorities Are Straight

    Well, today after a failed attempt to get together with some AC peeps, I went to the mall with Brooke, Jackie, Matt, Jared, Jason (Prusci) and his little sister, April. (Hey! Jay and all his friends, sound a little familiar?? ^^) We went to Applebee's around 12:15 pm. About 2 hours later we leave. I'm serious. Not even at a tourist site has t taken me 2 hours at a restaurant to get my food and leave! That's another reason why I hate Applebee's, besides the fact that since there were 7 of us, we had to pay an extra 15% for the stupid bill. At the very least, we all ATE something, unlike Jen's party at Arirang's.

    With only an hour left to raom the mall (we're all getting picked up at 3 mind you), we all decide the first stop should be none other than,

    Hot Topic!

    for various reasons. Well, after that quick pit stop at Babbages, and the make-up place, the Saturday Night video place, and oh yes, the Dollar Store (where everything you behold, is only 1 dollar!) we finally make it to

    Hot Topic!

    What did I buy there you ask? Nada.

    They only had crappy manga, and the cutie T's were stuff I've either never watched in my childhood or don't want to waste my money on (I was considering one of the shirts with the playboy bunny picture, but i dunno), and they only have that bootleg DBZ shirt of Vegeita that looks really dumb. ;_; I want one with Super Sayin Goku/Trunks/Gohan/Vegeita.

    So we hop around a couple of other stores, until I finally buy something. The almighty...


    And boy, were they yummy ^^

    Then everyone runs to get to their mommy's except me and Brooke who have about 15 minutes to kill. We go to Sam Goody's, where I am faced with a terrible dilema. Do I buy the Gorilaz CD or the Angel Sancuary Anime Tape?? The CD or the Anime? Cd or Anime? Cd or Anime?

    ^^; well, we wouldn't want to leave poor Brooke with nothing to get me for Christmas/Chanuka, right?? sooooo ANIME!

    See, I got my priorities to think about, and Anime just happens to be my secret lover.

    ^^;;;; Anywho, I go home and watch it and guess what? From the cute synopsis on the back, you think the movie's gonna be about some hot guy that is the reincarnation of an angel and wants to protect his girlfriend from demons and stuff that's trying to awake the angel. ^^ cute, right? WRONGO! Guess who lil miss lover is? I'll give you a hint, she refers to our hero as, "Big Brother!"

    T_T ... INCEST! ^^ doesn't THAT just make your day?

    Well, despite the shock from that, I (being the open minded person that I am) actually watched the rest and thought to meself, "You know, this is really confusing and wrong cute." So I urge people to watch it anyway, because then you might be able to explain to me WTF is going on. ^^

    I've Fixed Chem!

    Grade that is. We were given a Make-up for that test I got a 57 on ( >_< grrrr ) and I got an 84 now ^^ Those 27 points should make a BIG difference on my average, ne?

    But I reiterate, somebody PLEASE tutor me for Chem, it was an easy make-up


    A while ago at Bowling Gym, Rob pissed me off again before I bowled and I think it went in the gutter, so I pulled an Anime and maturely pulled down my eye lid and stuck my tongue out, which is very very common in Anime. He made a comment about that and I made up some stuff about it being as bad as the middle finger and such. Which, actually it might, since all the characters flip out when they do that to one another...

    Anyway, we got into American curses, and I realized something. They are extremely funny when you put the real definition in where the curse should go. Such as F*ck. All it really means is sex. So for a long time, people have only been yelling to each other, "SEX YOU!" And there are many other variations. Like, "Sex you, female dog!" "You sexing poo!" "Little piece of metal (that's a lil harder to figure out, it means "Screw") you, you fatherless child!" and I think you get the idea.

    So, when you think of yelling a curse word in anger, think of what it really means before you make a donkey of yourself, and perhaps you might even calm down.

    Chocolate Cake & Candy!

    Brooke and Jill came over to assist me in making a chocolate cake in honor of my sweet tooth ^_^ Even though Jill left early, I thank her. Me and Brookie put M7M's all over my Devil's Chocolate Cake, it looks so yummy and pretty, I don't have the heart to eat it... Yet. ^^ it'll be breakfast for many a morning!

    Hee hee... Forgot to mention this earlier, but people in Japan really just don't know when to stop ^_^ I just randomly grabbed fliers and adds for stuff, and I looked through this lil booklet with a picture of a Anime character that looks like Ami from Sailor Moon. She had on a skimpy outfit, but I figured, "Hey, it's Anime!" So I read some of the computer games they were advertising, and just started laughing...

    X-Change is the game that the girl on the front was from. It basically has a Ranma 1/2 theme, where you're a boy who becomes a girl... And apparently gets more of it that way. ^^ Many pics of him being a girl and kissing big breasted chicks. Oh, but it gets better. There's another game where you're a solider, and you're hired by this guy (this is during 16th century Italy). First thing he asks you when you arrive, "You don't have any slaves?!" and you go to the slave market, "and three incredibly beautiful girls walk out..." and you can "treat them anyway you want!" Lol... They too are wearing less than Brittney Spears in a music video. Not to mention, there really were Sailor Ball Z tapes, where Sailor Moon is a cup size Z (pun intended), and her sailor fuku is even shorter than it already it. I dunno the plot, but she looked REALLY hentai and fat... This is totally irrelavant, but I just found the adds funny... -_-;; Oh well...

    Caffine Pills

    Caffine Pills are cool. You take one, and three hours later you're perky as hell. I took one the night of the Con, thanks to Anna, and didn't notice anything until I was online hoping AC would come on at... ooohh... 3am was it? No, must have been a lil earlier. I was very hyper and wanted to jump around and stuff! Then Jay told me they're dangerous! They're EVIL EVIL! So everyone shouldn't take evil pills! Cuz they make you super hyper! And you go "TYPE TYPE TYPE TYPETYPETYPETYPETYPE!!!" And it not good, cuz then you're fingers cramp, and then you can't type, or play video games, or even change TV channel! Isn't that EVIL!

    ::Falls asleep::

    ::Wakes up momentarily:: I could really use some now... Please... Anna-chan... Onegai shimasu...

    -_- zzz