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Open the Eyes of my heart
Sun, Sep 5 2004
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: Jars Of Clay
Let's see if this whole blog works...I'm in the process of finding a new one.

Ah, I think I can go back to school and successfully say that I spent a large amount of the time sleeping. I needed that, in my own little bed sometimes that's what is the best! So now I am rested up for another week at school. I was going to go to Mars Hill tonight with mom but we have had such a hectic day with my brother moving back in here for a little bit.

We celebrated my baby brother's 17th birthday for let's see a half an hour before he was out the door on some new adventure. One of his friends works at a golf course and he somehow convinced the manager to let him and his buddies camp out on the golf course. I think that's really funny- especially if you met some of these guys. The crazy thing is they have to be gone by 8 am because that's when the sprinklers go off.

I am still completely frustrated with Rob. He's been quite the jerk and I shouldn't have to take this as a friend. Something is bothering him though and that is what I am wondering about. I might know but I am still confused. It came out of no where and he knows what he did, I am just trying to figure what I could have done to piss him off so much that he decided to hurt me so much. We had a pretty good week too and things were going good and then bam it hit me in the face and it hurt. I still need to talk to him, we'll see how that goes...

Well, I am trying to convince my dad to let me take the bike to school since my parents sold mine when we moved last year! I am mad about that. So I am taking one of my brother's old ones that is just sitting in storage doing nothing and me on the other hand live so far away from everything at school, I need it! He's afraid someone is going to steal it... I know it happens cause Emily's got stolen but I am going to be careful for pete's sake, lemme have the bike!

Ok, well not too much else to write. Everyone have a good week at school, for some of you lucky people it's the first week...I'm jealous!

posted by Rach at 8:47 PM EDT
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