The von Rügen Family
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska
(A special thanks to Leo Van de Pas for his help on this line)


Ratze von Rugen was the father of three sons:

  1. Stoislaw ( ?- 1193)also known as Stoislaw von Putbus Hr. Stoislaw had a son named Boranto I (1187-?) of Vilmitz.
  2. Jaromar I (1168-1209?)
  3. Tezlaw


The Fuerst von Rugen, Jaromar was born before 1209, and died in either 1209/1218. His wife was Hildegard von Denmark.


Wizlaw I, Fuerst von Rugen, died on June 7, 1249. His wife was named Margarete ?


Jaromar II, Fuerst von Rugen, died in 1260. Jaromar married Euphemia von Pommerellen, daughter of Swant II, the Duke of Pommerellen and Euphrosyne.


1. Margarete (Margaret) von Rugen died May 27, 1272. She married Erik I Abelson, Duke of Schleswig (1259-1271). Erik was the son of Abel (b. 1218), King of Denmark, who reigned from 1250-1252 (when he was murdered). His mother was Mechtild/Matilda von Holstein, the daughter of Adolp IV, Count of Holstein. Maltilda married (2) Jarl Birger (d. 1266) in 1261.

2. Wizlaw II, Fuert von Rugen and Duke von Pommern was born in 1240 and died December 29, 1302. Wizlaw married Agnes of Brunswick-Luneberg, the daughter of Otto I (1235-1252), "the kind." Her mother was Matilde von Branderburg. Otto was the grandson of Henry XII of Bavaria, who waas made duke of Brunswick and Luneberg in 1235.

It is thought that Wizlaw and Agnes married between the years 1263 and 1269. Agnes' brothers were: *John (1252-1279), who received Luneberg by partition in 1267.
*Albert I, "the Great," (1252-1279), who received Brunswick in 1267.

3. Lucia of Rugia, married (in 1195) Wladyslaw III Laskonogi/Spindleshanks (116--1231). Wlayslaw was the son of Mieszko III Stary, of the Dukes of Cracow (1173-1177 when he was deposed) (restored 1199-1202) and Eudoxia of Kiev. Mieszko died in 1202. Lucia's father was Iaromar/Jaromar, Duke of Rügen. The Dukes of Rügen were a cadet branch of the Princes of the Obotrities, a Slavic tribe on the nearby mainland.

Later Boleslaw Wrymouth would conquer eastern Pomerania (in 1294), but many traditions would continue.


The children of Margaret von Rugen and Erik I were:

.....1. Waldemar III, Duke of Schleswig who died in 1257. Waldemar married Elizabeth, daughter of John I, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg.

.....2. Eric, Duke of Langeland (1272-1310)

The children of Wislaw II, Fuerst von Rugen and Agnes of Brunswick-Luneberg were:

.....1. Helene von Rugen died August 9, 1315. She married, her second husband, Bernhard II, Furst von Ansalt-Bernburg, the son of Bernhard I, Furst von Anhalt-Bernburg and Sophie of Denmark. Their marriage took place between the years of 1290 to 1302.

.....2. Euphemia von Rugen died May 1, 1312. She married Hakon V, "the Younger," Magnusson, King of Norway (from 1240-1257). Hakon V was the son of Magnus IV "the Law-mender," King of Norway (from 1263-1280) and Ingeborg. Euphemia and Hakon married in 1299 in Oslo. Hakon was born on April 10, 1270 in Tonsberg and died May 8, 1319 in Tonsberg.

.....3. Margarete von Rugen was bron circa 1270 or 1271. She died December 4, 1315 or February 3, 1320 (records differ). She married, circa 1287, Bogislaw IV, Duke von Pommern-Wolgast, son of Barnum I, Duke von Pommern and Margarethe von Werle, born 1255/1258 and died Febraury 19, 1309.


Children of Euphemia von Rugen and Hakon V Magnusson were:

.....1. Euphemia (1317-1370) married Albrecht I (II), Duke of Mecklenburg (1318-1379).

.....2. Magnus II (VII) was born in 1316. He was King of Sweden (1319-1363) and King of Norway (1319-1344). He married (in 1335) Blanche (d. 1363), the daughter of John Count of Namul.


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