Polish Dress Through the Ages-2


Left to right: Peasant woman and man from the outskirts of Crakow, in work clothes, 14th century; two gentlemen, second half of the 15th century; townsman and gentleman in clothing worn between 1553 and 1434; peasant from the palatinate of Mazovia.


Left to right: Grand Master of the Teutonic Order; Casimir III, died 1370; Jadwiga of Anjou, queen of Poland, 1384; Vladislav V, died 1434; Vladislav, duke of Appeln, 1378.


Left to right: (all these are from the 14th century); Ziemowit, Prince Wiszna; Kieystut, prince of Troki; crossbowman; townsman; lady of the lesser nobility; executioner.

Racinet's Full-Color Pictorical History of Western Costume by Auguste Racinet. New York: Dover Publications, Inc. These are copyrighted 1987. However, since this is not a money-making page, these are able to be shown. Please do not use these for any commercial reason. Thank you.

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Polish Regional Dress

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