Atamans of the Zaporog Cossacks
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

Painting of the Zaporozhian Cossacks
by Ilya Efimovich Repin

After the Pereiaslavl Agreement of 1654

The Truce of Anrusovo was a long-lasting treaty that ended the Thirteen Years' War (1654-67) between Russia and Poland for the control of the Ukraine. In 1654, the Russian government accepted the Pereyaslav/Pereiaslavl agreement, a proposal to annex the Ukraine. This agreement was made by the Hetman of the Zaporag Cossacks, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, who had lead a revolt in the Ukraine against the Poles (1648-1654). After that war broke out between Russia and Poland. In 1664 peace negotiations began. Terms were made that favored the Russian point of view. The Ukraine was divided along the Dnieper river. Russian received the eastern portion, including the city of Kiev, and the provinces of Smolensk and Seversk. Poland kept the western shore.

Name Date Name Date
Pashko May 1654 Pavlo Gomon September 1657
Yakov Barabash November 1657 Shkurka March 1658
Pavlo Gomon December 1658 Ivan Briukhovetsky December 1659
Sukhov Spring 1660 Ivan Velichko-Bosovsky Summer1662
Sashko Turovets April 1663 Ivan Sirki Late 1663
Ivan Ahcherbina December 1664 Ivan Velichko-Bosovsky Winter 1665
Lesko Shkura February 1666 Ivan Rog Late 1666
Ostap Vasiutenko May 1667 Ivan Rog October 1667
Ivan Belkovsky Early 1668 Ivan Rog October 1668
Lukash Martinovich May 1671 Michael Khanenko May 1669
Lukash Martinovich Early 1671 Ivan Sirko 1671
Andrew Sakhimenko July 1672 Nikita Vdovichenko Autumn 1672
Lukian Andreev Spring 1673 Ivan Sirko Summer 1673
Ivan Stiagailo August 1679 Constantine Voloshanin July 1682
Vasili Alekseenko July 1682 Gregory Eremeev November 1682
Gregory Sagaidachny Early 1686 Fedor Ivanko May 1686
Filon Likhopoi January 1687 Gregory Sagaidachny October 1687
Ivan Gusak Summer 1689 Thedko Spring 1692
Ivan Gusak Summer1692 Kuzmenko Autumn 1692
Thedko Spring 1692 Kuzmenko Autumn 1692
Thedko January 1693 Kuzmenko January 1693
Ivan Gusak May 1693 Semen Ruban Early 1694
Ivan Sharpilo May 1694 Petro Primas Autumn 1694
Maxim Samoilenko Spring 1695 Ivan Gusak Autumn 1695
Moroz Summer 1696 Yakovienko Summer 1697
Martin Stukalo May 1600 Petro Primas Autumn 1699
Gerasim Krysa July 1700 Peter Sorochinsky June 1701
Constantine Gordienko February 1702 Gerasim Krysa Autumn 1703
Constantine Gordienko December 1703 Peter Sorochinsky June 1706
Lukien Timofeenko September 1706 Constantine Gordienko December 1707
Peter Sorochinsky (in the Sech) April 1709 Yakim Bogush (in Aleshki) August 1709
Joseph Kirilenko June 1710 Lavrenty Stefanenko August 1710
Alistratenko July 1711 Ivan Maleshevich Early 1714
Vasili Iosifov Late 1714 Ivan Malashevich Early 1716
Ivan Pilipof 1719 Vasili Tartarovsky 1722
Paul Federov 1727 Paul Sidorenko March 1728
Constantine Gordienko May 1728 Ivan Gusak June 1728
Ivan Malashevik August 1731 Ivan Belitsky September 1733
Ivan Malashevich March 1734 Ivan Belitsky 1738
Tykalo 1741 Semen Kremeevich 1742
Vasili Gregorev 1743 Yakim Ignatovich 1744
Paul Kozeletsky 1745 Vasili Sych 1748
Paul Ivanov August 1748 Daniel Stepanov 1753
Gregory Fedorov January 1755 Ivan Bilitsky January 1759
Peter Kalnishevsky January 1762 Phillip Fedorov January 1764
Peter Golovaty January 1774 Peter Kalnishevsky June 1775

Source: March, Patrick G. Cossacks of the Brotherhood: The Zaporog Kosh of the Dniepr River New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. 1990, Appendix.

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