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The Manck Family in the U.S.A.
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz Sypniewski

"A total of 3,200 Palatine Germans left England in the spring of 1710 on 12 small ships. The Lion of Leith was the first to arrive on June 13, 1710. It was followed the next day by the Lowestoffe, carrying the British Magistrate, Governor Hunter. On July 7, the frigate Herbert wrecked off Block Island. Seven more ships arrived prior to July 10. They were the Fame, Mary, Hartwell, Baltimore, James and Elizabeth, Sarah, and the frigate Tower. The Midford arrived after July 12, and the Berkley Castle arrived on August 12, 1710. Sickness and disease caused the death of 470 passengers along the way (Chrysler, 2)

In The Simmendinger Register by Ulrich Simmendinger; Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc. 1978 edition from the original made in 1709, we find the Manck family listed as:

following listings of persons related to names found in the Kruessler family:

Jacob Manck and Ann Margaretha


Jacob Manck was first on Hunter's list on July 4, 1710. Jacob Manck and Anna Margareta were at Beckmansland circa 1716/1717 (Simmendinger Register). Jacon Manck appears on The New York Sunsistence List as: 3-2, 6-0. He is also listed as "a listmaster" for Georgetown in 1711. His job was to keep the rolls of his village and aid the tar instructor in handling the Palatine labor (FTM, CD267 German and Swiss Settlers in America, 1700s-1800s. Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration, 163).

    The Children of Jacob Manck and Anna Margaretha(Generation Five):

  1. Anna Veronica Manck married Johann Mattheus Jung on September 28, 1714 (West Camp Lutheran Church Records).
  2. Child Manck died on July 6, 1703 at age 11 (Rengsdorf Church Records)
  3. Son Manck died September 9, 1704 at age 9 (Rengsdorf Church Records)
  4. Eva Catharina Manck Eva married (A) Johannes Martin (B)Johannes Kreissler (C) Valentin Kuhn
    Eva sponsored Catharina Elizabeth Jung, who was born on September 9, 1715. Catharina was the daughter of Johann Mattheus Jung and his wife Anna Veronica. Eva also sponsored Anna Eva Dippel, born Novembert 23, 1714. Anna Eva was the daughter of Johann Peter Dippel and his wife Anna Catherina (The Kocherthal Records, 21, 30).

  5. Anna Barbara Manck was baptized on September 3, 1702. Died September 10, 1704 (Rengsdorf Church Records)
  6. Eva Maria Manck was baptized on February 28, 1706.
  7. Child Manck died March 30, 1715 (West Camp Church Records)
  8. Anna Elizabetha Manck married Henrich Meyer. David Kendall Martin of Mouse Hill, West Chazy, New York has written an article called "The Wife of Johannes Kreisler" in the NY. GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD, Volume 106, No. 4, October 1975.

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