Honor Nature
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A.


01. Plant Trees.

02. Observe Animals and learn about Nature.

03. Plant Flowers for Bees and Butterflies.

04. Feed Birds and make bird houses.

05. Recycle and pick up litter

06. Write letters to conserve Nature, Nature's creatures, and stop industrial pollution.

07. Learn about endangered species and help protect them.

08. Support zoos, nature centers, and wildlife preserves.

09. Always throw trash in containers provided, not along highways and in picnic areas.

10. Do not pick or dig up endangered plants such as the Trillium.

11. Support forests and Rainforest preserves.
***The Haudenosaunee of New York tell that when trees begin to die from the top down, the end of life as we know it will he here.

12. Drive a low mileage vehicle.

13. Teach your children to respect Nature.

14. Do not buy exotic animal products from endangered species, such as ivory products.

15. Save our coral reefs by leaving them as you find them and do NOT buy coral products.

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