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The Crysler Family in Michigan,
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz Sypniewski,

The first Crysler that came to Michigan was Edward Crysler and his wife Lucy. Edward was the so of Hanse (John) Crysler, Jr. They came to Michigan in 1833 and settled in Leslie, Michigan. Hanse was brother to my direct line relative, George (Jurry) Crysler.

Generation Eight

Martin Crysler was born on November 9, 1812 in Marcellus Township, Onondaga County, New York. Martin died on February 28, 1872 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan. He is buried in Martinville Cemetary in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan. His first wife was Caroline Wood, daughter of Jonah Wood (1758-?) and Elizabeth Easton(1779-1792). Caroline, according to the family Bible, was born on October 12, 1812 and died July 12, 1852, at age 40.

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Children of Martin and (1)Caroline Wood (Generation Nine):

  1. Marion Crysler was born September 15, 1833 in Marcellus Township, Onondaga County, New York, and died September 22, 1833.

  2. Tyrannus Crysler was born January 13, 1835 in Marcellus Township, Onondaga County, New York, and died August 22, 1899 in White Oaks, Ingham County, Michigan (death certificate). On Tyrannus' death certificate it says his mother was Elizabeth Wood. Tyrannus is also listed as a farmer. Tyrannus married Sarah Ann Lay on January 7, 1858 in Augustus, Michigan. Sarah was born September 15, 1838 in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, Michigan. She died in 1896 in White Oaks, Michigan.

    Children of Tyrannus and Sarah(Generation Ten):

    (1) Eva Elnore Crysler (August 13, 1859-1927) and never married
    (2)Bella C. Crysler (April 1, 1861-September 1, 1863)
    (3)Elmer Lay Crysler (March 2, 1864-November 10, 1936) and married Gertrude Robbins on April 30, 1885 (copy of wedding invitation). They had three children.
    (4) Lewellyn Crysler (October 17, 1866-1917) married Learney Dickerson (his cousin and my grandmother's sister)
    Since they were first cousins, they could not have children. Their adopted boy was named Clifford Crysler.
    (5) Myrtle Crysler (October 30, 1868 - March 16, 1943) married William Lantis
    (6) Frederick William Crysler (August 22, 1873-March 16, 1945) (I have more on this family);
    (7) Edith B. Crysler (December 12, 1875-1931) married to Wesley Witty.

  3. George J. Crysler was born July 7, 1836 in Michigan, and died December 1898. He married Martin's second wife's daughter, Rozilla Closser, in abt. 1850. Rozilla's father was William Closser and her mother was Amanda Furlong.

  4. Mary Ann Crysler was born on November 24, 1857. She married C. K. Secor in January 1866, a carpenter contractor in Rockwood, Tennessee until 1909 when his family moved to Syracuse, New York.

    The Children of Mary Ann Crysler and C.K. Secor(Generation Ten):

    (1)Morris Lindsley Secor
    (2)Fred Secor (alias) He was not their natural child.

    ***Alfred Crysler, son of Edwin Crysler was raised by C.K. and Mary Secor, after his mother died at his birth. (see Gen. 8 child #9).

  5. James L. Crysler was born on May 26, 1839 in Sumpter, Wayne County, Michigan. He died on July 14, 1862 in the Civil War.

  6. Marcus W. Crysler was born on May 20, 1843 in Manchester Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan. He was wounded (gunshot wound to the hip) in the Civil War, and died on May 17, 1917. He married Catherine King on September 25, 1866 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan. Catherine was born in August 1846 in Canada. Catharine died on February 7, 1913. Her first husband was (1) Daniel Hulett who she married on June 26, 1871 (he died on September 1, 1900). Marcus' second marriage was to Lenora Jane Crysler on March 25, 1914 in Sunfield, she was from Vermontville R.F.D. Eaton County, Michigan. Marcus is buried in Belleville, Michigan.

    Children of Marcus and Catherine were(Generation Ten):

    (1) Vincent W. Crysler(July 18, 1867-April 14, 1899)
    (2) Mary E. Crysler (September 8, 1871-?)
    (3) Kate and Carrie Crysler (twins) (November 9, 1774-?)
    (4) Rose R. Crysler (March 5, 1779-?)
    (5)Bessie Ann Crysler (December 17, 1885-January 15, 1886).

    Marcus was a Justice of Peace in Sumpter Township in 1880.

  7. Cornell W. Crysler was born on October 24, 1844 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan, and died on December 15, 1862 in the Civil War.

  8. Martin O. Crysler was born May 14, 1847 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan, and died in 1931. He married (1) Elizabeth Bradshaw, daughter of Augustus Bradshaw and his wife Charlotte (B: 1824 in England) on September 25, 1866 and (2) Charlotte ?(b: December 1857 in Michigan).

    Children of Martin and Elizabeth(Generation Ten):

    (1)Ralph N. Crysler B: 1868
    (2)Roland Harry Crysler B: September 1888. He married Myrtle.
    (3)Ray Crysler B: July 1890
    (4)Rachel (?) B: 1903

  9. Edwin W. Crysler was born on March 10, 1852 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan. He died in Rockwood, Tennessee. He married (1) Ida Parker Lindsey (his cousin) on August 3, 1876. Ida died, in childbirth, on December 24, 1885.(2) Eva Parker on March 10, 1887. Eva's first husband was Morris Linsley.

    Ida and Eva were cousins of Edwin. Their parents were: Father = Marcus Parker (son of Catherine Crysler - daughter of George Crysler and Rebecca Sullivan).
    Mother = (1)Lydia N. Cole, whom their father married on May 28, 1850. Lydia was born October 15, 1809 (Marcus and Lydia Parker had nine children).

    Children of Edwin and Ida Parker (Generation Ten):

    (1)Ethel Crysler B: July 10, 1878. Ethel married Mr. Addison House (brother of Arthur below).
    (2) Edna Crysler B: January 12, 1881. Edna married Robert Wilson Zimmerman on December 10, 1899. Robert was born on November 15, 1877 in Sandusky, Ohio. Their children were Mertie Bell Zimmerman and Bertha Mary Zimmerman.
    (3) Alfred Crysler was born December 24, 1885. He was later called Fred Secor (after his uncle who raised him). He had a son called Edwin.

    Children of Edwin Crysler and Eva were:

    (4) Mabel Crysler was born March 24, 1888; and married Arthur House (brother of Addison above).

    **Mabel had a half-brother named Morris Lindsley. Morris was born February 24, 1882. He was the son of Morris Lindsley and her mother, Eva.

  10. Elizabeth C. Crysler was born on May 18, 1849 in Sumpter Township. Wayne County, Michigan. She married George M. Henry (B: 1847 in NY) in 1876.

    George and Elizabeth Henry had one child, Emma Henry. Emma was born March 28, 1878 and she married William M. Randall on November 23, 1893.

    Children of Martin Crysler and (2)Amanda Furlong Closser were:

  11. Ermina E. Crysler was born on February 26, 1854 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan. Ermina died on March 20, 1932 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan (Death Certificate). She married William Seward Dickerson on February 11, 1872. William Seward died April 30, 1927 in Northville, Wayne County, Michigan (Death Certificate)

    Their daughter, Grace Lenor Dickerson is my grandmother. Grace was born April 8, 1890 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan (Certificate of Birth).

  12. Learney Elnor Crysler was born on March 12, 1856 and died December 20, 1864.

  13. William Furlong Crysler was born on December 21, 1869 and died on May 11, 1921 in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida (death certificate). He married Frances Agnes Bryant on April 1, 1880, in Belleville, Wayne County, Michigan (Certificate of Marriage State Office #3-339).

    Mabel Crysler was born April 24, 1882 and she married Lee Cook.
    Orrah Charles Crysler was the son of William Crysler. Orrah was born October 10, 1886 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan (Certificate of Birth). Orrah married Myrtle Pingston. He son was named Clarence Pingston.
    Cora Crysler was born October 1, 1888. Cora married Joseph Materne
    Myrtle Crysler was born September 1, 1898. Her husband was Raymond Grant. When Myrtle died he children were adopted out by their father. There were five children in the Grant family:

    .....1. Ethel Grant went to live with her aunt Cora Crysler Materne in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
    .....2. Winifred Grant was adopted by her Uncle Orrah and his wife. She married Kenneth Stephens.
    .....3. Charles Grant was in St. Francis Home for Orphan Boys in the 1930 census.
    .....4. Raymond Grant was in St. Francis Home for Orphan Boys in the 1930 census.
    .....5. Loretta Grant's fate is not known.

    Amanda Furlong's other children, by William Closser (B: 1828), (son of John Closser and Sally Ann?), were:

  1. Julia Ann Closser (Oct. 9, 1839-Sept. 14, 1840)
  2. Arvella Closser (Aug. 3, 1836 - May 24, 1875). Arvella married William Braz on April 20, 1867.
  3. Rozilla Closser (June 20, 1842 in Ecorse, Michigan - Dec. 14, 1889) She married her mother's second husband's son, George J. Crysler, on November 10, 1860. They moved to Illinois or Kansas

    Children of Rozilla and George Crysler were:

    (1) James A. Crysler (1861-?)
    (2) George W. Crysler (1866-?)

  4. Mary Jane Closser (Jun. 26, 1844-1922?) Mary married Charles Campbell, widower on January 20, 1881, in Belleville, Wayne County, Michigan.

  5. Perry O. Closser (October 15, 1847 in Ecorse, MI. - January 10, 1929 in Adrian, MI). Perry married Frances Parker on September 17, 1875.

Generation Nine

Ermina E. Crysler (Go to my Dickerson page for Ermina's lineDickerson page) (see generation two)

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