The Crysler Family in the Schoharie and Onondaga Counties, N.Y.
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz Sypniewski

Generation Six

Wilhelmus Kruessler was born on July 26, 1729 and was baptized on August 13, 1729 in Athens Loonenberg Lutheran Church, New York. Wilhelmus died in 1808 in Echo Creek, Schoharie County, New York. He married Catherine (Kate) Shours (Schauer)(B: September 25, 1735) in 1754 in New York. Kate was the daughter of Johan Schauer and Maria Elisabetha Fritz(daughter of Jurg Wilhelm Fritz and Reusmund) whom Johan married on April 3, 1720 in Claverach, New York. Johann Adam Schauer was born August 14, 1701 in Massenbach, Germany. Johann's father was Michael Schauer and his mother was Magdelena ?. Wilhelmus died circa 1808 in Echo Creek, Schoharie, New York.

Children of Wilhelmus and Kate(Generation Seven):

  1. Catrina Kriesler was baptized on July 14, 1754 in Rhinebeck Reformed Dutch Lutheran Church, Rhinebeck Flats, New York. She married John Pieter Stolp on March 30, 1774. John Pieter was born November 11, 1741 in Germany. He was the son of Johann Jost Stolp (see April 17, 1999 guestbook posting).

    This is the Stolp Line of Cryslers.

    Their son, Wilhelm Stolp was born December 17, 1783 and baptized February 22, 1784.

  2. Hanse Kriesler was born in 1756 in East Camp, Columbia County, New York. Hanse was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.He died in 1834 in Marcellus, Onondaga County, New York. He is buried near Marcellus Village. He married (1) Martha Hitchcock (2)Elizabeth Kuhn in 1786. Elizabeth died in 1839.

    Children of Hanse Crysler and Elizabeth Kuhn (GEN. 7)(Generation Seven):

    (1)Katy Crysler, 1st born of Hanse, was born in 1787 and she married Russell Case in 1809. They had nine children. (See Case Family Link)

    (2)John Crysler, Jr.was born in 1789 and died in 1857.

    He married Martha Hitchcock and Miss Outman in 1817 (Crysler Family Record) in 1790 Miss Outman died in 1838. Martha and John had eleven children.

    William Crysler was born in 1791.
    Betsey Crysler was born in 1793 and married a Mr. Dennis.
    Jacob Crysler was born in 1795
    Polly Crysler was born in 1797, and married a Mr. Bacheller.
    Peggy Crysler was born n 1799.
    Adam Crysler was born in 1801.
    George Crysler was born in 1803.
    Henry Crysler was born in 1805.
    Anna Crysler was born in 1807.
    Hannah Crysler was born in 1809, and married a Mr. Legg.
    David Crysler was born in 1811. He married (1) Amy Wiltsie, a cousin (3) Ester Johnson

    Children of Hanse Crysler and his Second Wife were:

    Eli Crysler was born in 1818 in Onondaga County, New York.

  3. Margaret Kreisler was born in 1761 in East Camp, Columbia County, New York.
    She died in 1876, at age 115 years old. She was married to(1) Thomas Kilmer (2)_____(3), and they moved to Malahide Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada (near London, Ontario). (see guestbook posting - April 1, 1999).

  4. Adam Kreisler was born in 1764 and had 6 children.

  5. Jacob Kreisler was born in 1766, and married Sally Depuy in 1786 and had 6 children.

  6. Elizabeth Kreisler was born in September 15, 1768, and was baptized on October 9, 1776 in Churchtown Dutch Lutheran Church. She married Cornell Wilsey in 1789. Elizabeth died November 26, 1827. Cornell died June 9, 1854. They had ten children.

  7. Barbara Kreisler was born in 1769 and married Mr. Duguid and had six children.

  8. Hannah Kreisler was born in 1771/1774. She married a Crysler cousin from Canada and lived in Canada. They had no issue.

  9. George (Jurry) Kreisler was born in 1774 in Johnstown, New York; and was baptized on October 9, 1776 in Johnstown (founded by William Johnson who built his mansion, Johnson Hall, there in 1765), Columbia County, New York and died October 10, 1851. He married Rebecca Sullivan on January 2, 1803.

    Rebecca Sullivan was the daughter of John Sullivan. She was born June 17, 1784; and died December 30, 1852.

Generation Seven

George Kreisler was a farmer in the 1850 Marcellus Township, Onondaga County, New York census. His property was valued at $10,000.00.

George was born on October 1776, in Johnstown, Columbia County, New York. He died October 10, 1851 in Marcellus Township, Onondaga County, New York, and is buried in the Jackson Cemetary in Marcellus Township. He was married on January 2, 1802 to Rebecca Sullivan. Rebecca was born on June 17, 1784 and died on December 30, 1857 in Marcellus Township. Her father was John Sullivan of Duanesburg, Schenectady County, New York.

Marcellus was a dense forest area which George cleared to raise grain, which he carted to Albany to the market. This trip took 8-18 days depending on the weather. George went to Michigan in 1837, via the Erie Canal and lake to Detroit, then on foot to visit Sumpter Township.
For more about the Iroquois connection CLICK HERE

Children of George and Rebecca(Generation Eight)

  1. William Crysler (farmer) was born July 2, 1802 in Marcellus Township, Onondaga County, New York. He died of consumption on April 4, 1850. He married Elizabeth Fairbanks on April 14, 1827. Elizabeth died January 12, 1873.

    The Children of William and Elizabeth Crysler (Generation Nine):

    (1)Elijah Crysler (1828-August 4, 1834)
    (2)William Crysler (1829-?)
    (3)Marcus Crysler (1830- ?) married to Julia Sweet. They has 11 Children. Julia died July 28, 1909.
    (4)Noah B. Crysler (September 4, 1835 - January 6, 1915) married Josephine Emma Carpenter on July 23, 1868. Josephine was born on April 5, 1842.
    (5)Corydon Crysler (August 18, 1838-?)married Annette R. Sherwood
    (6)Sarah Crysler (1840-July 2, 1856)
    (7)Thomas Crysler (July 11, 1832-September 8, 1915 in Lafayette, New York. Thomas married (1) Sarah White. They had nine children.

  2. John Crysler was born on September 14, 1806. He died on October 7, 1845. He married Chloe Kellogg on October 29, 1829. Chloe was born in 1807 and died February 22, 1891.

    Children of John and Chloe Crysler:

    (1)Mary Jane Crysler (May 13, 1831-?) married Almeron D. Belkaap on October 20, 1850. Almeron was born on October 29, 1827. They had 4 children.
    (2)Jonathan Crysler (September 12, 1835- ?) married Helen Wyckoff and Mira Amadon, on May 22, 1861. Mira and John had 3 children.
    (3)Wesley Crysler (September 14, 1837-July 19, 1874) married Isabel Kent on June 19, 1867.

  3. Betsy Crysler was born on August 1, 1810, and died January 1846 (1849), after the birth of their only son. She married John Moss on January 1, 1845 in Marcellus Township, Onondaga County, New York. John died on July 1, 1849.

  4. Catherine Crysler was born on August 1, 1810 and died December 8, 1893. She married (1) Rueben Parker on October 2, 1828. Rueben died August 22, 1848(2) Jacob Halsted. Jacob died June 22, 1886 at the age of 91.

    The children of Rueben and Catharine were:

    (1)Marcus Parker was born on August 1, 1801 (twin of Martha Parker). Marcus Parker married Lydia N. Cole.
    (2)Martha Parker was born on August 1, 1801 (twin of Marcus Parker). Martha died on November 7, 1829. Martha married to Orvis Greene on October 12, 1852. Orvis died in 1894. They had 4 children. Martha married (2) Jacob Halsted in 1848

  5. Martin Crysler was born November 9, 1812 in Marcellus Township, Onondaga County, New York. He died February 28, 1872 in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan. Martin is buried in Martinsville Cemetary in Sumpter Township, Wayne County, Michigan. He married (1) Caroline Wood on September 16, 1832, then moved to Michigan in 1834-36. Caroline was born October 12, 1812, and died July 12, 1852. She is buried in Martinsville Cemetary in Sumpter, MI.(2) Amanda Furlong, widow of William Closser.

  6. Amos Crysler was a Methodist Clergyman. He was born on July 17, 1815 in New York. He died March 1906 in Navarino, NY. He married (1) Mary Fairbanks on April 13, 1838. Mary Fairbanks was born November 20, 1819, and died November 12, 1867. (2) Laura Patterson in 1868. Laura was born in 1813 and died in 1893.

  7. Mary Crysler was born August 30, 1818, and died December 18, 1893. She married J.W. Hall on February 1, 1841.

    The Children of Mary and J.W. Hall were:

    (1)George Hall
    (2)Joel Hall
    (3)Edwin Hall married Susie Evans and had one child, Grace Hall.
    (4)Charles Hall married Alice Beebe on October 19, 1870.
    (5)Emma Hall married George Case.

    Photographs of the Hall Family

  8. Joseph Crysler was born on February 1, 1821, and died November 21, 1831.

  9. Rebecca Anne Crysler belonged to the Zion Church. She was born January 8, 1824 and died on July 8, 1898 in Huntsburg, Ohio. She married Charles H. Johnson, the son of Michael Johnston and Margaret Rhea (B: March 15, 1814 in Otisco, Onondaga County, NY) of Freehold, New Jersey, on January 1, 1845 in Marcellus, New York.
    Charles Henry was a licensed minister, who earned a living as a hatter and broom maker. Charles Henry Johnson died on February 12, 1890.

    The children of Rebecca and Charles Henry were:

    (1)Robert Rhea Johnson was born September 1845 and died Januuary 27, 1846.
    (2)Emily Jane Johnson was born January 5, 1847 in Otisco, Onondaga County, NY. She died January 29, 1924. She married Perry Addison Decker on February 22, 1866 in Hartgrove, Ohio.(2) married Mr. Decker.
    I am told that more information regarding this family can be found in James and Amy Stitt of Pittstown, New York and Some of Their Descendants (1734-1988) by Lawrence Stitt.
    Also see: Robert Rhea Stitt's homepage for more information on this line.
    (3)Mary Elizabeth Johnson was born on January 2, 1849 and died May 13, 1924. She married Mr. Strong on March 9, 1876.
    (4)Anna Marie Johnson (teacher) was born October 9, 1854 and died August 9, 1904...she did NOT marry
    (5)Margaret Rhea Johnson was born December 9, 1856 and died August 3, 1863
    (6)William Henry Johnson was born April 1, 1859 and died February 24, 1924. He never married.
    (7)John Martin Johnson was born September 2, 1861 and died August 24, 1965
    (8)Charles Wesley Johnson was born July 24, 1863 and died January 21, 1919. He married Mary Christine Settle on November 14, 1901.
    (9)Lucy Euphemia Johnson was September 8, 1965 and died October 18, 1906. She married Ernest Uriah Menzi on September 18, 1892

  10. George Crysler was a carpenter. He was born on March 29, 1827 in Marcellus Township, Onondaga County, New York. George died April 14, 1902. He married (1) Phoebe Hashbrook on October 5, 1824 Phoebe died on March 11, 1857.(2) Harriet L. Safford on February 2, 1870. Harriet was born on August 23, 1840.
    The only child I have recorded for Phoebe and George Crysler is Isaac Crysler, who was born March 19, 1856. He married Ella Parker on October 11, 1882.

    Children of George and Harriet Crysler were:

    (1)Charles Crysler was born February 15, 1872 and Died July 22, 1872.
    (2)Carrie Louise Crysler was born May 7, 1874.
    (3)Fred Safford Crysler was born April 6, 1877 and died December 8, 1897.
    (4)Ella May Crysler was born July 12, 1878 and died September 3, 1879.
    (5)Arthur Garfield Crysler was born April 24, 1880. He married Pearl Luthera LaShier on June 26, 1906. Pearl was born on October 23, 1882.

  11. Joel Crysler (farmer) was born August 20, 1829 and died October 10, 1854. Joel was a farmer, age 24, in the 1850 census.

  12. Noah M. Crysler was born in 1835. He was William's son, but did find him living with his grandfather's household in 1850 census. His father died of consumption on April 4, 1850.

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