Some Old West Trivia
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A.

01. What lawman was an in-law to Morman leader Brigham Young?

02. Who killed John Wesley Hardin?

03. Who killed Billy the Kid?

04. What was Christopher ("Kit") Carson's most harrowing experience?

05. Who said: "Have I any apology to make for loving the Indians? The Indians have always loved me, annd why should I not love the Indians?"

06. Who said the quote: "Most of those he did kill deserved what they got." And who were they referring to?

07. Comanche Chief Quannah Parker was the son of a full-blooded Comanche Chief and a captive white woman. Why didn't he want to return to his white relatives?

08. What was the most common cause of death for a cowboy?

09. Who said: "Kill and scalp all Indians - big and little, nits make lice?"

10. What were Crazy Horses' last words?


Gragg, Rod. The Old West: Quiz and Fact Book. New York: Promontory Press, 1993.



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