The Washburn Family
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz Sypniewski, B.F.A.

John Washburn III was christened on November 28, 1621 in Bengeworth, Worchester, England. John came to Boston, Massachusetts with his mother, Margery (Moore) Washburn) and his brother in midsummer 1635 on the Elizabeth and Anne. John died on November 12, 1686 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

John's father was John Washburn, son of John Washburn and Martha Timbre.

Washburne/Washburn is an English family name. It is a place name meaning "one who came from Washburn" or "fuller's stream." in Yorkshire; from Washborne meaning "stream where washing was done; the wash river, in Devonshire and Gloucestershire."

John Washburn, father of John, was Governor and Company of Massachusetts Bay from SE England. He was in Duxbury, Ma in 1631, where he was made a freeman. He purchased land from the Massasoit Indians and founded Bridgewater, where he lived in 1645. He served in the fight against the Narrangansets in 1645. John Washburn married Margery Moore (B: abt. 1630) in 1618 in England. She was the daughter of Robert Moore (Source: Bridgewater Vital Records).

.John Washburn III married Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of Experience Mitchell(Thomas)and Jane Cooke (Francis)...[see above] on December 6, 1645 in Duxbury, Plymouth County, MA. John and Elizabeth died in 1686.

Mitchell is an English/Scottish name, meaning "descendant of Michael, as in the archangel, one who is God-like, a large man"

John and Elizabeth Mitchell were among the original settlers in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. They came to Boston, Massachusetts.

    Children of John and Elizabeth Washburn were:

  1. Sgt. Samuel Washburn was born in 1651 and died in 1720. He married Deborah Packard.
  2. Thomas Washburn was born in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA and married (1)Deliverance Packard before October 29, 1684. (2) Sarah __Leonard (widow) She died in 1709 (3) Abigail (Atkins) Hayford (1655-1732).
  3. John Washburn III was born in 1646 and died in 1719. He married Rebecca Lapham (Latham) in 1679.
  4. Sarah Washburn was born in 1675 and died in 1746. She married John Ames in 1697.

    Ames/Amis is English. It means the "son of Ame or Amis (friend); descendant of Ame, a pet form of Amery (work, rule);" a variant of Eames or the son of the uncle)."

  5. Joseph Washburn was born in 1653 in Bridgewater. He married Hannah Latham, daughter of Robert Latham and Suzanna Winslow (John Winslow of the FortuneMary Chilton of Mayflower Chiltons).
  6. Jonathan Washburn
  7. Benjamin Washburn
  8. Mary Washburn was born before July 24, 1662, and died on February 28, 1740 in Easton, MA. She married a Samuel Kingsley in 1694 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA. Samuel was born on June 6, 1662 in Braintree, Norfolk County, MA. and died December 17, 1713 in Taunton. He was the son of Samuel Kingsley and Hannah Brackett. Samuel Sr. was born in 1630 in Milton, Norfolk County, MA.(son of Stephen Kingsley and Elizabeth ?) Hannah Brackett was the daughter of Captain Richard Brackett and Alice? Mary Washburn Kingsley is an ancestor of President George Bush (USA)
  9. Elizabeth Washburn died in 1741, and she was married to a ? Hayward.
    Jane Hayward was born before 1672 and died before 1698. She married a ? Orcutt.
    James Hayward was born about 1675 and died in 1746. He married Sarah Ames.


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John Howard of England, came to America and settled in Bermuda. His children were: George Howard and John Howard.

Lt. Thomas Hayward of England, died in 1681 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA. His will was proven on October 15, 1700. Thomas was a carpenter. He married Suzanna Towne

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