Tudor Timeline
Written and researched by Margaret [nee Knight] Sypniewski

1520 - Henry VIII meets Charles V, at Dover and Canterbury; and Francois I.

1521 - Execution of Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham. Henry VIII publishes The Assertion of the Seven Sacraments (condeming Martin Luther, thus being named the "Defender of the Faith."

1522 - Wolsey makes an unsuccessful attempt to become Pope.

1524 - Wolsey becomes "Papal Legate."

1525 - Wolsey gives Hampton Court to Henry VIII. Tyndale translate the New Testament into English.

1526 - Hans Holbein, the Younger, visits England

1527 - Henry VIII decides to divorce Catharine of Aragon.

1528 - England declares war on Charles V.

1529 - The investigation into Henry VIII's divorce is moved to Rome, Italy.

1530 - Wolsey is arrested for treason and dies. St James Palace is begun.

1531 - Henry VIII named "Protector and Supreme Head of the Church and Clergy of England."

1533 - Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn.

1536 - Catherine of Aragon dies.
..... Anne Boleyn is executed.
..... Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour.
..... Suppression of the monasteries begins.
..... Hans Holbein is appointed "Court Painter."

1637 - The death of Jane Seymour, shortly after the birth of Prince Edward Tudor.

1538 - The Catholic Church's excomminication of Henry VIII is finalized (it was begun in 1533).

1539 - Hans Holbien paints the portrait of Anne of Cleves.

1540 - Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleves, the marriage is soon anulled.
..... Henry then marries Catherine Howard, cousin to Anne Boleyn.
.....Thomas Cromwell is executed.

1541 - Henry VIII declared King of Ireland

1542 - The execution of Catherine Howard

1543 - Henry VIII marries Catharine Parr. Hans Holbien dies (he was born in 1497/1498).

1544 - The sinking of the Mary Rose, Henry VIII's ship. Henry VIII re-founds St. Bartholomew Hospital.

1547 - The execution of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey.
..... The death of Henry VIII (b: 1497/8).
..... The Ascension of Edward VI, with Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, as Lord Protector

1548 - The death of Catherine Parr, in childbirth.

1553 - Lady Jane Grey proclaimed Queen for nine days, at the death of Edward VI. The Accession of Mary I.

1554 - Mary I marries Prince Phillip of Spain in July. The execution of Lady Jane Grey. Elizabeth sent to the Tower of London, by her half-sister, Mary I.

1557 - England declares war on France.

1558 - The death of Mary I.
..... The Accession of Elizabeth I 1562, beginning her forty-five year reign.
..... Elizabeth I almost dies of smallpox, and is left with scars, that she tries to hide with a white lead make-up base.

1564 - Robert Dudley, favorite of Elizabeth I (since childhood) is made the Earl of Leicester. William Shakespeare and Marlowe are born. Thus the rumors that they were one in the same.

1570 - The excommunication of Elizabeth I by the Catholic Church.

1581 - Marriage negotiations between Elizabeth I and the Duke of Anjou.

1586 - Babington Plot is discovered. This was the plot to replace Elizabeth I with Mary, Queen of Scots, a Catholic.

1587 - Mary, Queen of Scots is executed for treachery against the Queen of England. Elizabeth I reluctantly signs the papers to authorize her cousin's demise.

1588 - The Death of Leicester, the Queen's most adored Robert Dudley.

1603 - The death of Elizabeth I, considered by many to be the best ruler that England ever had. The end of all the heirs of Henry VIII.

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