Robert Treat Paine
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B. F.A.

Generation One:

Robert Treat Paine, Sr. (1731-1814) was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence

Robert Treat Paine was a public official and judge. He was born March 11, 1731 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was educated at the Boston Latin School and Harvard (graduated in 1749); in 1757, he was admitted to the bar; and, in 1761, he took his practice from Portland, Maine to Taunton, Massachusetts. In 1774, Robert Treat Paine was a member of the First Continental Congress and voted George Washington as Commander-in-Chief. He signed John Dickerson's Olive Branch Petition, in July 1775; and signed the Declaration of Independence. Robert was elected to Congress in 1777, but remained in Massachusetts. He was Massachusett's first Attorney General, where he remained until 1790. Other offices he held:

.....1790 - State Supreme Court, until 1804.
.....1799-1780 - helped draft the Massachusetts State Constitution
.....1780 - founded the American Academy of Arts and Science

Robert Treat Paine, Sr. died on May 11, 1814 in Boston, Massachusetts.

  1. His Son: Robert Treat Paine, Jr. (born Thomas) (1773-1811) was a poet and editor. He was born in Taunton, Massachusetts on December 9, 1773. Thomas took his eldest brother's name after the latter died of yellow fever, in 1789. Paine was educated at the Boston Latin School and at Harvard. He graduated from Harvard in 1792. In October 1794, he founded the Federal Orrery. In 1804 he became ill and almost died, but then survived until November 13, 1811, when he died in his father's attic, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Generation Two:

Rev. Thomas Paine (1694-1757) married Eunice Treat, daughter of Samuel Treat and Abigail Willard.

Generation Three:

James Paine (1665-1728) married Bethiah Thacher, daughter of John Thacher and Rebecca Winslow

Governor Robert Treat married Jane Tapp

Samuel Willard married Abigail Sherman

Generation Four:

Thomas Paine, Jr (1613-1706) married Mary Snow (1630-1704), daughter of Nicolas Snow and Constance Hopkins (daughter of Stephen Hopkins). Thomas and Mary married in 1650. Thomas was born January 13, 1613 in Wrentham, Suffolk, England. Thomas' parents were Thomas Paine and Elizabeth Bloomfield. Thomas, Jr. died August 16, 1649/50 in Eastham, Massachusetts.

Mary Snow was born in 1630 in Plymouth, MA., and died on April 28, 1704, in Eastham, MA. Richard Treat married Alice Gaylord

Simon Willard married Mary Sharpe

Reverend John Sherman

Generation Five:

Thomas Paine III married Thankful Cobb, daughter of James Cobband Sarah Lewis, of Barnstable, Massachusetts, in 1705. Thomas was born on February 28, 1682, and died April 15, 1745. Thankful was born on June 10, 1687, and died April 7, 1771. She married Thomas Paine on May 7, 1705.

Antony Thacher married Elizabeth Jones.

Edmund Sherman married Joan ?

Generation Six:

Edmund Sherman married Anne Pelatte

Generation Seven:

Henry Sherman married (1) Agnes Butter and (2) Mary Launce

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