West Prussian Beginnings of the Sypniewski Family
from Zlota Ksiego Szlachty Polskiej (the Golden Book of Polish Nobility) by Theodor Zychlinka
Translated by Andrzej Straszewicz
Submitted by to me by Dr. Rafal Prinke of Poland.


Jakob Sypniewski, of Sypniewo, married _______Cwiklinska(i). Her clan was Nalecz.


Wojciech Sypniewski (Jakob-1) married ______Chrybska(i) in 1513. Her clan was Prawdzic.


Jakob Sypniewski (Wojciech-2, Jakob-1) married _______Palecka(i) in 1550. Her clan was Brochwicz. Jacob moved from Prussia to Greater Poland (near Poznan). In 1571, near the feast day of St. Bartholomew, the Apostle, Jacob's sons, Stefan (no issue) and Stanislaw, contracted land on the estates of Dzwierszno Wielki (large) and Dzwierszno Mal~e (small) which were in close proximity to their father's estate (Sypniewo).


The National Archives in Poznan shows that Stanislaw Sypniewski (Jakob-3, Wojciech-2, Jakob-1)left his estate of Wiry to a married couple: Jan Stzempinski and his wife Anna, from the house of Urbanowki, of the clan Prus. Stanislaw then bought Wiry back from Stefan's father-in-law in 1593, and became the owner of the Key, Wiry, Wielkie, Male, Leczyca, Katnik, etc. in the year 1594. He paid Mikolaj Bojanowski, of Poznan, 1300 (not sure of the denomination of money) for this property. From his wife, ________Krakowska, of the clan Traby (Horn), Stanislaw left several sons:


Andrzej Sypniewski (Stanislaw-4, Jakob-3, Wojciech-2, Jacob-1) married ______Rozbicka, of the clan Szreniawa. They has a son Lukasz:


Lukasz Sypniewski (Andrzej-5, Stanislaw-4, Jakob-3, Wojciech-2, Jakob-1) had a wife named Jadwiga Drochowska. She was of the Clan Jastrzebiec (Falcon). Jadwiga remarried Jacob Golebiowski, after the death of Lukasz. This marriage is witnessed in the act on the town of Pyzdrski in 1717. Lukasz's son:


Marcin Sypniewski (Lukasz-6, Andrzej-5, Stanislaw-4, Jakob-3, Wojciech-2, Jakob-1) married Maryanna Morawska(i) of the clan Korab. Maryann was the daughter of Wawrzyniec and Anna Blaszkowska(i) (possibly of the Blaszkowski-Odrowaz clan or clan Labedz(?)).

The children of Marcin and Maryanna Sypniewski were:

  • Wojciech Sypniewski was the heir of Grotkowa through his wife ______ Katazyna, They had a son, Mikolaj. Mikolaj was born on September 10, 1757...no record of him after that
  • Mikolaj Sypniewski
  • Stanislaw Sypniewski
  • Agnieska Sypniewska

In 1782, in the town of Poznan, there are two widows Sypniewski: Kazimiera Sypniewski and Franciszka Suchodolska(i). How these women relate to this family tree is not clear. Also there was, in the town of Gniezno on January 15, 1787, a Wojciech Sypniewski, Jozef Sypniewski, and Antoni Sypniewski. How they fit into this chart is not totally clear.


Stanislaw Sypniewski (Marcin-7, Lukasz-6, Andrzej-5, Stanislaw-4, Jacob-3, Wojciech-2, Jakob-1) married _______Szaniawska(i) of the clan Junosza. And from this marriage:


Jan Sypniewski (Stanislaw-8, Marcin-7, Lukasz-6, Andrej-5, Stanislaw-4, Jacob-3, Wojciech-2, Jakob-1) was a Lieutenant in the Regiment of Heavy Cavalry of the District of Poznan. Jan left the military when the Sejm (Parliament) of Warsaw, enacted a constitutional change (1773-75): That from now on a noble could keep his noble status and live in town (before this, nobles has to live on their country estates, while commoners lived in town. Living in the town, before this act, would have meant they lost their status as "noble"). Nobles could not engage in commerce, such as owning or running a business either.

Jan Sypniewski resided then in the town of Gniezno, where he bought property and became a member of the municipal council. He married ________ Ilwieckie of the clan Ostoja. She and Jan had a son:


Stanislaw Sypniewski (Jan-9, Stanislaw-8, Marcin-7, Lukasz-6, Andrzej-5, Stanislaw-4, Jakob-3, Wojciech-2, Jakob-1)was born in 1772, and died in 1843. He moved from Gniezno to Poznan, where he became the Accessor for the Commerce Tribunal and President of the Municipal Council. Stanislaw owned the estates of Piotrowo in Poznan, and Koninko in the district of Sremski. Stanislaw married (1) Karolina of Geislerow and had a son Juliusz August who was born in 1807. Juliusz was a 2nd Lt. in the Poznan Horse Cavalry of the Old Polish Army in the insurrection of 1831. However, Juliusz took part in nine (9) battles, where he fought bravely and was decorated, and he died of his wounds in 1832. Stanislaw's second wife was Ann from Powelska and they had 6 children:


Maksymilian Sypniewski was the owner of the estate of Kruszewna. He served on the landowners council in Poznan. Maksymilian died July 17, 1869 or 1870 (parish records Ksiego-Metrykalne 1743-1917 from Poznan/Gluscyna Archives - LDS film #1191624 under "Volume #19-Deaths"). He married Aniela from Griesingerow, daughter of Ignacy, captain of the former Polish army, and Konstancya (i) from the Samson clan.
***In the Parish records (LDS film #1191624, Ksiego-Metrykalne 1743-1917 from Poznan/Gluscyna Archives) there is an entry for "Maxymillianus" Sypniewski and Valentia (his wife)(from Piotrowa) as godparents to Mariannna Stephanie Wieblioski on August 23, 1865(Vol. #16-Births and Baptisms).

I found Maksymiljan listed as a landowner in:

  • Knonika zalobna rodzin wielkopolskich od 1863-1876 r.:z uwzglednieniem wazbiejszych osobistosci zmarlych w tym przeciagu czasu w innych dzielnicach Polski i na obczyznie Zychinski, Teodor. Poznan - 1877.

Felicyan Sypniewski was the owner of the estate of Piotrowo. Felicyan was a learned and excellent botanist and naturalist. Felicyan left his botany collection to the Academy of Science in Krakow. He was a publically respected citizen because of his lawful character and noble mindedness. Felicyan died after a short, but serious illness in Piotrowo in September 6, 1877 (LDS Film #1191624, Ksiegi-Metrykalne 1743-1917 from Poznan/Gluscyna Archives, Vol #19-Deaths, 1877, 176). He married (1) Walerya from Dobrogojski of the clan Grabie. Walerya died shortly after the birth of her son, Josef Sypniewski in 1850. (2) marriage was to Walentyria(Valentina) Radonski of the clan Jasieneczyk, and daughter of Josef from Radonski and Ludwika from Kierski of the clan Jastrzebiec.

Felicyan is recorded as a botanist in:

  • Encyklopedyja powszechna. - T. 1-28. - Warzawa - 1859-1868.
  • Wielka ilustrowana encyklopedia powszechna. - Bd. 1-22 - Krakaw; Warszawa - o.j. - 1938.
  • Allgemeines Lexikon der Bildenden Kunstler: Von de Antike bis zur Gegenwart. - Leipzig - 1907-1950 (37 Bde)
  • Encyklopedia powszechna z illustracjami i mapami/ Orgelbrand, S., -T. 1-18 - Warsaw-1898-1912
  • Illustrowana encyklopedia Trzaski, Everta i Michalskiego/Lam, Stanislas. T. 1-5. Warszawa - 1927-1937.


The children of Felicyan and Walentyria (Valentina Radonska) Sypniewski were:

  • Theodorus Leon Josephus Stanislas Sypniewski being born to Felicianus Sypniewski and Valentina Radonska on April 11, 1866. His godparents were: Maximillius Sypniewski and Ludovica Radonska.***LDS Film #1191624, Ksiegi-Metrykalne 1743-1917 from Poznan/Gluscyna Archives: Volune #16 - Births and Baptisms, 1866, 207.

  • Emelia Helena Irena Octavia Sypniewski(Felicyan-11) was born to Felicianus Sypniewski and Valentina Radonska on January 6, 1876. Her godparents were: Vanda Sypniewski and Leonard Radonska of Slupowo. LDS Film #1191624. Helena married Wladyslaw Siemiatkowski of the Jastrzebiec (Falcon) clan.

  • Franciscus Felicianus Edwardus Sypniewski was born to Felicianus Sypniewski and Valentina Radonska on January 11, 1868. Godparents were: Albertina Grabowski and Josephus Radonski ***LDS Film #1191624, Ksiegi-Metrykalne 1743-1917 from Poznan/Gluscyna Archives, Volume #18-Births and Baptisms, 1868.

  • Carolus Ludowicus Sypniewski was born to Felicianus Sypniewski and Valentia Radonska on February 16, 1869. Godparents were: Theodorus Radonski and Albertina Nierychowska ***LDS Film #1191624, Ksiegi-Metrykalne 1743-1917 from Poznan/Gluscyna Archives, Volume #18-Births and Baptisms, 1869.
  • Emilia Sypniewski.
  • Konstancy Sypniewska, the spouse of Aleksander Kolski, died in 1857

  • Anatazy Sypniewski resided in Berlin Germany and died without issue.

  • Jan Sypniewski was on the Council of the Court (district) in Rogoznie. Jan married Stefania from Janraczewski coat of arms Zaremba. She was the daughter of Antoni, owner of the estate of Gluchowa (located below Poznan), from Fialkowski of the Slepowron clan. They had three children.

  • Juliusz Aleksander Sypniewski settled in Warzaw, Poland. He was a former Lt. in the Prussian army. He married Felicya Brzechwa from Brzechwa of the Jastrzebiec clan.

The Children of Maksymilian and Aniela Sypniewski were:

  • Helena Sypniewski married Wladyslaw Siemiatowski of the Jastrzebiec (Falcon) clan.
  • Stanislaw Sypniewski (Maksymilian-11) died in 1871
  • Wanda Sypniewski (Maksymilian-11)


Children of Jan and Stefania Sypniewski:

  • Kazmierz Sypniewski (Jan-11)died in childhood

  • Jadwiga Sypniewski (Jan-11) died in childhood

  • Bernard Sypniewski was born in January 11, 1868.

The Children of Juliusz and Felicya Sypniewski were:

  • Karol Sypniewski (Juliusz-11)

  • Anna Sypniewski (Juliusz-11)

  • Halina Sypniewski (Juliusz-11)

The Prussian branch of the Sypniewski family was of Roman Catholic faith.


The Province of Poznan(Genealogy and Poland)


Zychlinski, Theodor, Zlota Kseiga Szlachty Polskiej. Poznan: Juroslaw Leitgeber, 1880, 318-321.


The Wielkopolska Sypniewskis:

The Greater Poland branch of the Sypniewskis are of Roman Catholic faith. Their holdings take in 2,425 Morgs (measure of land).

The branch of the Sypniewski Odrowaz family in Western Prussia today are in the Zmujewie District. Owners of Brodinca, come from Stanislaw, born from _____Kowalska, inheritor of the properties of Laiski and Zmijewie in Prussia.

The Sypniewski born of Mary Broniewa, of the clan Broniewski, or Leliwa left sons:

  • Jan Sypniewski was a ensign in the cavalry in the regiment of Ignacy Dzialynski...but left no heirs.
  • Jozef Sypniewski was the inheritor of the property of Zmiejewa. He married Marya ______ of the Prussian clan, Boguslawski. Her children were: Aleksander and Elenora, who also died without heirs.

  • Henryk Sypniewski, inheritor of the properties of Zmiejewa and Wapna, was born in 1804 in Warsaw. Henryk married Antonia Czapska(i) of the clan Leliwa from the line of Sementowski (Wives, Monograph, volume 1). She gave him seven children:

    Marya Sypniewski married Ignacy Wybickiof the Rogala clan. They inherited Dziewina in western Prussia.
    Aniela Sypniewski married Feliks Siemiatkowski of the Jastrzebiec clan. Aniela and her husband inherited Radzikow Welkich in the Polish Kingdom.
    Joanna Sypniewski married another Siemiatkowski, and died in childbirth(?).
    Helena Sypniewski
    Antonina Sypniewski
    Jan Sypniewski
    Josef Sypniewski inherited the property of Zmilewa. He married Augusta Wyskotow Zakrzewska(i), daughter of Tadeusz and Teodozya Morawska(i) of the Clan Korab (Ibid 353). Her son Wlodzimierz Sypniewski dies as an infant.


***I have had to rely on many different resources, in order to translate and obtain the records shown here from both Polish, Prussian, and German publications (some in Latin too). I make absolutely no claim to the accuracy of these findings. Be aware that you must use this as merely a guideline for finding possible branches of the Sypniewski family. How these are related to my own family is still unknown to me.

I do not speak or know how to translate Polish, so I have had to rely on others to do this for me. If errors occur I would frankly not be surprised, but this information was entered here in good faith. As with all information, you must check and re-check records yourself to be sure. Those of you who are able to translate these records yourself are blessed indeed.

A special thank you to Marcin Michal Wiszowaty and Ferdinand James d'Argantel Odrowaz for finding and correcting some of these errors.


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