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An Ulrich Ritter von Sypniewski held the original patent and lived near Passau, Germany in the 1980's. The title "ritter" is equivalent to Sir or Baronet.

It is not known how Ulrich connects to the line below. However, they came before those listed below.

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Pan Adalbert Sypniewski was born about 1830 in Skoraszewice, Pempowo, Poland. Later on he moved to Chrustowo. Adalbert married Marianne Prysinda


Pan Stanislaus Sypniewski, son of Adalbert, was born on May 6, 1867 in Chrustowo, Poland, and died June 3, 1927 in Cologne, Germany. Stanislas married Katharina Hammerschlag, daughter of Johann Josef Hammerschlag and ? Weber (d. March 11, 1952), on June 6, 1895 in Cologne Germany. Katharine was born July 13, 1873, and died in 1928, in Cologne, Germany.


Andreas Bohry was born August 15, 1828,(in Geusfield, Bavaria), in Germany, and Died November 22. 1905.

He married Katharine Hymon who was born on January 7, 1828, in Geusfield, Bavaria, and died January 23, 1860.


Children of Pan Stanislaus and Katharina Sypniewski

  1. Johann Sypniewski was born on July 16, 1895 in Cologne, Germany.

  2. Heinrich Sypniewski was born October 10, 1896 in Cologne, Germany

  3. Albert Sypniewski was born February 21, 1898, in Cologne, Germany; and died March 26, 1983. Adelbert married Hildegard Oswald in Cologne, Germany.

  4. Cilli (Cecilia) Sypniewski was born in 1899 in Cologne, Germany. She married Toni Stiesel in Cologne, Germany.

  5. Wilhelm Sypniewski was born in 1900 in Cologne, Germany.

  6. *Peter Sypniewski was born on November 12, 1902, in Cologne Germany; and died in November 21, 1935. He married Anna Marie Bohry.
    (see below)

  7. Anna Sypniewski was born on April 28, 1905 in Cologne, Germany. Anna died on April 7, 1986. She married Joseph Schmitz in Cologne, Germany.

  8. Katherina Sypniewski was born on October 24, 1907, in Cologne, Germany. She died July 10, 2000. Katherina married Wilhelm Schmitz, brother of her sister's, Anna's, husband (Joseph).


Ferdinard Bohry(Andreas) was born January 27, 1855, in Geusfield, Bavaria (Germany), and died July 2, 1928 in Cologne, Germany. He married Anna Maria Arnold. Anna was born December 30, 1864 (in Attenhausen), and died March 15, 1919 in Cologne, Germany.


*Peter Sypniewski(son of Stanislas) was born on November 12, 1902, in Cologne, Germany; and died in November 21, 1935. Peter married Anna Marie Bohry(Ferdinand, Andreas) on August 3, 1903. Anna Maria Bohry was born on August 31, 1903, in Attenhausen, Nassau, (Germany), Anna (nee Bohry) Sypniewski died November 7, 1987 in Cologne, Germany


Children of Peter and Anna Marie Sypniewski:

  1. Marianne Sypniewski was born in 1926. She married Joseph Langier in 1946. Their son, Detlef (Douglas) Bruno Langier was born in 1947. Detlef married Monika Fedler.

  2. Helene (Hella) Sypniewski was born April 15, 1928 and died January 27, 1975, in Bad Wildungen. She married Karl-Heinz Lucas . No issue.

  3. *Ferdinand Josef Sypniewski was born in 1929. He married (1)Lieslotte Gaebisch (Anton), in 1955 (2) Heidi Lotte Schlup in 1964 and had a daughter, Pia, and a son, Sacha.

  4. Klara Christina ("Clarissa") Sypniewski was born in 1930 and died in 2007. She married Ulrich Thiel.
  5. Heinrich Alexander Sypniewski was born in 1933, in Germany. No issue.


Children of Marianne Sypniewski and Joseph Langier

  1. Detlef Bruno Langier was born in 1946. He married Monika Fedler.

  2. Almut Angelika Maria Langier was born in 1949 in Coburg, Germany, and died July 14, 1949 in Coburg, Germany.

Children of Ferdinand Josef and Lieselotte Sypniewski
  1. Ferdinand Josef Sypniewski was born in 1956.

Children of Ferdinand Josef and Heidi Sypniewski (wife 2)

  1. Pia Sypniewski was born in 1964.

  2. Sascha Sypniewski was born in 1972.

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