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Galician/Austrian, Hungarian, and German Branches of the Sypniewski Family
The passage below was translated by Leonard Suligowski from Poczet Szlachty Galicyjskiej i Bukowin~skiej published by A.P.H.U. "Oksza" in Wroclaw, 2001 (reprinted from 1857 Lwow version), p. 248:

Sypniewski, Bonifacy........ Lwow. Sa~d Ziemski (Land court in Lwow), r. 1783. Sypniewski (clan Odrowa~z`)

Bonifacy Sypniewski presented his claim to the Land Court in Lwow. He claimed he was a Polish noble residing in Galicia. His name was entered into the register of Galician nobles in 1783.

[note: The first mention of the name Sypniewski, as nobility, was in 1490, in Siebmacher's Wappenbuch under "Polish Nobility," Tafelnummer 269]. Bonifacina Sypniewski is listed in Galizischer Adel, published in 1905 in Nürnberg.

Jan Sypniewski is thought to be Bonifacy's son, while Adelbert/Albert - Antoni (two names), Ignacy, Jan/John, and Leon, were the grandsons of Bonifacy. Their patent was approved in 1833.

(this entry was clarified by John F. Krasnicki).

Example of a Patent of Nobility

This line is followed below:


The Palace Skoraszewice, Pempowo.

Bonifaz Sypniewski, of the clan Odrowaz, received a imperial nobility patent under the annexation of this area by the Austrian Empire during the Polish Partition. This branch of Sypniewskis owned the Palace Skoraszewice. This is the same man as the "Bonifacy" in the above quote from Poczet Szlachty Galicyjskiej i Bukowin~skiej. This book used the Italian form of Bonifaz.


Jan/John Sypniewski


Adalbert-Antoni Sypniewski

Ignacy-Jan Sypniewski

Leon Sypniewski

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Many of these Sypniewskis attended "Theresianum," an elite military school in Imperial Austria.

ANOTHER GERMAN FAMILY - VON SYPNIEWSKI - also with Austrian connections:


A Johann Odrowaz- Sypniewski was found in the district Brodnica (Strassberg). Johann studied in Strassburg, Alsace.

Andreas Odrowaz-Sypniewski was also in the district Brodnica (Strassberg). Andreas lived at Zmniewo.

(source: Vasallenliste Westprussia, 1772. Wojewodschaft Culm) Submitted by Klaus Liwowski of Germany, on May 30, 2001.