Nathaniel Dickinson's Real Family
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A.

Many of you have asked for the information about the article that was published in the April 1998, in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, by Clifford L. Stott, called "The Correct English Origins of Nathaniel Dickinson and William Gull, Settlers of Wethersfield and Hadley."

This article is about mistakes in Wharton Dickinson's Record of the Lambert-Dickinson Family published in 1901. This article was re-published in Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson by Elinor V. Smith, in 1978, by the Dickinson Family Association. George E. McCracken did a review of the book and called the 14-generation descent of Nathaniel Dickinson "mostly rubbish." Both Stott and McCracken thought that Wharton Dickinson made many mistakes in this line.

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At the bottom of the page is information about Wesley Baker's Book. He also had issues with Wharton Dickinson's work.

A few of you have asked me for information and I gave you the source title and author. My own copy was misfiled since January 15, 1999. I just recently found it! :-)

For those of you who have this line, I suggest you get a copy of this article to read. Clifford L. Stott used the Billingborough, Lincolnshire parish records and bishop's transcripts (1561-164). These records show the baptisms, marriages, and burials which relate to the Dickinson and Gull family. Many other Dickinsons appear there as well.

Stott places Nathaniel's tree as follows:

Generation One:

Gabriel(?) Dickinson who was buried at Billingborough on February 7, 1569/70 had at least three sons:

(1) Walter Dickinson
(2) Henry Dickinson and
(3) Thomas Dickinson.

Generation Two:

Walter Dickinson of Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England, was born circa 1530, and was buried in Billingborough on April 9, 1591. He married Alice ? She was buried on September 4, 1596. Their children were:

(1) Edward Dickinson born circa 1555.
(2)William Dickinson born circa 1560 and
(3) John Dickinson.

Generation Three:

A Thomas Dickinson (b. 1547?) Married Annis/Agnes Tingle. Their children were:

(1) Elizabeth Dickinson who married William Gull
(2) Robert Dickinson
(3) Marie Dickinson.

John Dickerson (yeoman) was baptized on December 4, 1564 in Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England. He was buried on April 19, 1637. He married Elizabeth ?. Their children were:
(1) John Dickinson
(2) Nathaniel Dickinson
(3) Joseph Dickinson
(4) Elizabeth Dickinson.

Generation Four

Nathaniel Dickinson was baptized at Billingborough, Lincolnshire, England, on May 3, 1601 and died in Hadley, Massachusetts, on June 16, 1676. He married Ann ____ Gull, widow of John Gull, on November 27, 1623.

Nathaniel Dickerson (b. 1601) was from Lincolnshire, England according to Stott.

Philemon Dickerson came from Dewsbury Parish, West Riding, York County, England. In fact, the family that Philemon came from, lived in Yorkshire after they came from Normandy in 1066.


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