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St Boniface
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewski

St. Boniface [Winfrith] was a Benedictine monk. His feast day is June 5th. Boniface was born Winfrith in 672/75 in Wessex to a noble Anglo-Saxon family. He was educated in Exeter and Nursling [Hants.]. It wasn't until May 15, 719 that he added the epthet Bonifatius/Boniface to his given name. Boniface went on a mission to Thuringa and with Willibrord to Friesia. After 721, in Hessen, Boniface founded the monastery of Amoensburg.

In 722, Boniface was made a bishop. This was while on his second trip to Rome, Italy. At Geismar, he was thought to have cut down the pagan's sacred donary oak; in conflict with the Frankish clergy.

Boniface organized Churches in Bavaria, Alemania, Hessen, and Thuringia. In 744, he founded the monastery of Fulda. legate of the west Frankish Church. Boniface set up dioceses in Germany.

Boniface suffered a matyr's death on June 5, 754, near Dokkum, besides the River Borne. His body was later brought via Mainz to Fulda.

He was an apostle of the Germans. Boniface's tomb is in Fulda. His blood relics are in Utrecht, other relics are in Mainz Cathedral and Freckenhorst Abbey (since 851).


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