Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1781-1841) - Part II
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

This is the Radziwill House, near Pempowo, called Antoni. However, this manor house was not built by Schinkel.

The original part of Kornik Castle
Of Wielkopolska
dates back to 1426.

Kornik Castle was originally owned by the Gorka (herbu L~odzia) family. Mikolaj Gorka was the chancellor of the Chamber of Poznan in the 15th century. In the 16th century, the castle was rebuilt by Stanislaw Gorka, the voivode of Poznan, in the late 15th century. After Stanislaw's death, his line died out. In 1592, Kornik went to the Dzial~ynski family. The island palace was remodelled between 1840-1860 by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, as requested by Titus Dzialynski. The Dzialynski family had many members. In 1675, a Zygmunt Dzialyski lived in Greater Poland. Tytus Dzialynski was born on December 24, 1796, in Poznan, Poland; and died April 11, 1861. Tytus was an active participant in politics and culture in Greater Poland. He was an industrious organizer and was the original "registered" descendant, and native magnate in association with both Pomerania and Greater Poland. His main residence was Kornik. Tytus Dzialynski founded a library and a princely collection and repository there. He personally possessed many relics of publishing history.

During the insurrection, Tytus served as an in-town staff member to General J. Skrzynecki, for several years, and was eventually made Captain of the Prussian partison power in 1839.

Jan Dzialynski, Titus/Tylus's son was born on November 28, 1829, and died March 30, 1889. Their coat of arms was called Ogonczyk.

Elzbieta Dzialynska was born on December 14, 1830 (in Warsaw) and died March 20, 1899. Elzbieta was the daughter of Adam Jerzego and Jana/Jan Dzialynski (1829-1880).

In 1861, Wladyslaw Zamoyski, a descendant of Dzialynski, again remodelled the castle, and in 1925 her founded the Kornik Foundation, and donated Kornik's land to the Polish State. The castle is now a library and museum.

Kamieniec Zabkowicki (45) belonged to the Dzial~ynski's Palace of Kornik and was designed by Schinkel.

Palace Dzialynski, in Poznan, (20H col 1) of Tytusa Dzialynskiego was built by architect Antonie Hohna.

Rogalin, Poznan belonged to the Raczynski (p. 18. vol. II).

Szamotul~y, Poznan belonged to Gorki (p. 53, Vol. II)


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