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    Please download "SmStThad.jpg" to your own file manager as follows:

  • click on the image with your right mouse.

  • Save as "SmStThad.jpg" OR "SmStThad.bmp"

  • For your location: Save this to a floopy disc or an CD-ROM, this is so you can recover it when you transfer it via your file upload on your file manager or take it into your publisher or photo program.

    ****Note: Anyone who codes it to my page will be removed from this webring, since this will make my own pages run slower.

  • If your server changes the name from "jpg" to "art" or "bmp" you will have to put the image into your publisher or photo program to turn it back into a "jpg."

    "jpg" uses the least amount of space in your files. Of course this depends upon what programs you are using.

    AOL makes it difficult to recover web art thus you have more work to do. AOL requires that you save the "jpg" into an e-mail then mail it to yourself as an attachment. Then you must download the attachment, click on the image, and mail it again to yourself as a "picture" in the body of the e-mail. Then you can finally capture the image and place it on a floppy.

    Even then AOL it will change it to either "art" or "bmp," - the only two choices you have.

    Once you have changed your image to either "jpg" or "gif" you are finally ready to add this image to your website.

  • Go to your file manager and pick your "Upload files" part of your file manager.

  • Choose the SmStThad.jpg OR gif (if you have changed it).

  • Click "upload"

  • Now the SmStThad should be in your "images" file. If not, you will have to click on the "move" button in file manager and put it there.
  • Not all servers have "images" files, so if yours does NOT then you must change this part of your coding to reflect what you have named your jpg or gif files in your "file manager."

    Hope that makes sense? Once you get the knack of uploading photos and web art you can make your pages illustrated.

Thank you,



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