The Royal Odrowaz Line
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

The Odrowaz family is associated with Mazovia of Mazowsze. The Czechslovakian and Polish language are very similar because of their early association. In their early history the Slavs were dominated by the Cechove (Czechs). The Czechs moved into Bohemia by the first centur A.D. The East Slavic leader was Mojmir I. Mojmir united the Great Moravian Empire under Svatopluk (869-894) which included what is now Czechoslovakia consisting of Saxony, southern Poland, and Eastern Hungary (Pannonia). The Magyars destroyed the empire in 907. Slavokia passed to Hungarian rule until 1`918, when it became part of Czechoslovakia. Power then changed to Bohemia where the Premyslid united the tribes by the end of the tenth century.

    The Czechslovakian Republic included:

  1. Bohemia -N.W. Czech. Praha is largest city, 49:48, 17:55E.
    United with Moravia in 1029. Vratislav (Vaclav)II was made their first king in 1088.
  2. Moravia -(see above)Brno/Brun is a city in Moravia 49:12N, 16:38E.
  3. Silesia - S.E. part of Prussia, 48:12M, 16:38E. Troppau/Opava is located in Silesia. 49:58N. 15:55E.
  4. Slovakia - Bratislava (Pressburg), 48:45N, 20E
  5. Ruthenia (Carpatho-Ukraine), formerly Czech now Ukraine, 48:25N, 23E

    The Premylid Dynasty of Bohemia

    01. 871-894......Count Borivoj I
    02. 894-895......Count Spithnjew I
    03. 895-912......Duke Spithnjew I
    04. 912-925......Duke Vratislau
    05. 926-928......Regent Drahomire, von Stoder
    06. 928-935......Duke Wenceslaus (Wenzel, the Holy)
    07. 935-967......Duke Boleslaw I
    08. 967-999......Duke Boleslaw II
    09. 999-1003...Duke Boleslaw III
    10. 1003-1035..Duke Vladivoj of Poland
    11. 1035-1055..Duke Bretislav I
    12. 1055-1061..Duke Spithnjew II
    13. 1061-1092..Duke Vratislav II (King in 1088)
    14. 1092-1100..Duke Bretislav II
    15. 1100-1107..Duke Borivoj II
    16. 1107-1109..Duke Swartoplik
    17. 1109-1125..Duke Ladislas I
    18. 1125-1140..Duke Sobijuslaw
    19. 1140-1158..Duke Ladislas II
    20. 1158-1173..King Ladislas II
    21. 1193-1230..King Ottokar I d. 1230
    22. 1230-1253..King Wenceslaus II (Wenzel) d.1253
    23. 1253-1278..King Ottokar II d. 1278
    24. 1278-1305..King Wenceslaus II d. 1305
    25. 1305-1306..King Wenceslaus III d. 1306
    26. 1307-1310..King Henry d. 1335

    Luxembourg Dynasty

    27. 1310-1346..King John the Blind d. 1346
    28. 1346-1387..John Charles (1316 - 1378). Son of John of Luxemburg.
    29. 1387-1400..King Wencelaus IV of Bohemia (1361-1419)
    30. 1419-1437..King Sigismund of Hungary (1368-1437), brother of Wenceslaus.
    31. 1437-1439..King Albert of Austria (1397-1439)
    32. 1440-1457..King Ladislas Posthumus (1420-1457)
    33. 1458-1471..King George of Podebrad (1420-1471)
    34. 1469-1471..Rival King Matthias of Hungary (1440-1490)
    35. 1516-1526..King Ladislas II (Vladislav) (1456-1516)
    36. 1526-1564..King Ferdinand I of Austria (1503-1564)
    36. 1619-1620..King Frederick V of the Palatine (1596-1632)


    Przemysl Ottokar II was a member of the Premyslid Family, and he was born in 1230/3. He was the King of Bohemia (1253-1278) and Duke of Austria (1253-1276), d. 1278. Ottokar II married (1)Margaret of Austria in 1252, in the Pankratius Chapel , on the Schlossberg.. Margaret was the daughter of Leopold VI, Duke of Austria. She was born in Hainburg Castle. Przemysl and Margaret divorced in 1260. Duke Leopold VI (1176-1230) was nicknamed "the Glorious." He was an Austrian ruler. Leopold VI was the son of Leopold V. His uncles were Margrave Henry II (1114-1177) of Austria, who reigned from 1141-1156 and Duke Frederick II, "the Fighter." He ruled Austria from 1230-1246. Frederick's nephew-in-law, Herman von Beden was Duke of Austria from 1248-1250. This left no male heirs and anarchy reigned from 1250-1253.

    Ottokar II then married (2)Kunigunde of Halicz on October 25, 1261. Kunigunde (1245-1281) was the daughter of Rosticlaw, Prince of Galicia..

    The Altstadt of Konigsberg grew up around the castle built in 1255 by the Teutonic Order, on the advice of Ottokar II. King of Bohemia, after whom the place was named. Its first site was near the fishing village of Steindamm, but after its destruction by the Prussians in 1263 it was rebuilt in its present position. It received civic privileges in 1286, the two other parts of the present town—Lobenicht and Kneiphof—receiving them a few years later. In 1340 Konigsberg entered the Hanseatic League. From 1457 it was the residence of the grand master of the Teutonic Order, and from 1525 till 1618 of the dukes of Prussia.


    King Wenceslas II, grandson of King Henry Probus, son of Henry II of Silesia, King of Poland 1298-1290, reigned from 1253-1278, and died in 1305. He was proclaimed King of Poland in 1300. He was the legitimate son of Ottokar II and Margaret of Austria.

    Nicholas I (illegitimate son of Ottokar II by Margarareta von Chuening?), Duke of Troppau, married Adelaide ____. The Duchy of Troppau (Silesia/Austria) was established in 1278. Most likely on the death of Ottokar II of the Przemyslid Dynasty.

    At this time, Rudolf I (1218-1291), a Habsburg took the throne in 1273. Rudolf was the son of Albert IV of Hapsburg. He was Duke before his reign as Austrian King (1276-1282).

    King Wenceslaus III was born in 1273. He was King of Poland and Hungary in 1305, and he died shortly after. II.

    Elizabeth ("Eliska") was the second daughter of Wenceslas II. She claimed the Bohemian crown after marrying John of Luxembourg.


    Nicholas II, Duke of Troppau (Opaya) (1318-1385) and Ratibor after his marriage to (*1st)Anna of Silesia-Ratibor circa 1340, he married (2nd) Hedwig of Ols, in 1342 or 1345 (3rd) Jutta von Falkenburg after 1405.

    King Henry reigned from 1307-1310, and died in 1335.


    Eupremia of Troppau (c. 1319- bef. 1352) married Ziemowit III (a Piast) Duke of Mazovia, in 1335.


    John I (1383-1429) Duke of Mazovia married Anna of Lithuania shortly before 1383.


    Boleslaw III (1385/6-1428) married (before 1413) to Anna Holczanski (d. 1458)


    Boleslaw IV son of Boleslaw III, Duke of Mazovia(Mazowisze) was born in 1421, and died September 10, 1454, married Barbara, a Russian Princess (c. 1446). Mazovia was not a part of Kingdom of Poland until 1529. Warsaw was the largest city in Mazovia, in the past.


    Conrad III (Konrad Mazowiecki) Duke of Mazovia (1449-1503), married (1) Magdelena Stawrot (2) before July 20, 1477 to NN (3)*Anna, Princess Radziwill.


    Anna of Mazovia (1497/98 - after January 1, 1557). married Stanislas Odrowaz von Sprowy (d. 1545) around 1536.


    Sophia Odrowazowna married Jan Kostka


    Anna Kostezanka married Alexander, Prince Ostrogski, son of Constantine Basil, Prince Ostrogski and Sophia, Countess Tarnowska.


    Sophia, Princess Ostrogska married Stanislaus, Prince Lubomirski.


    George (Jerzy) Sebastian was born in 1616, and died on December 31, 1667, in Wroclaw (herbu Szreniawa), Prince Lubomirski married Konstance z Bobrku Ligezianska


    Alexander Michael, Prince Lubomirski married Katharine Anne, Princess Sapieha.


    George Alexander, Prince Lubomirski married(1) Joanna von Starzhausen and (2) Aniela Teresa Michowska.


    (maternity uncertain) Stanislas, Prince Lubomirski married Louisa Honorata Pociejowna


    Jozef, Prince Lubomirski married Louisa Sosnowska


    Frederick, Prince Lubomirski married Francoise, Countess Zaluska


    Casimir, Prince Lubomirski married Zenaide Holynska


    Marie, Princess Lubomirska married Rene Lannes de Montebello. A Jean Lanner was Duke of Montebello (1769-1809) was a French Field Marshall.


    George Ernest Casimir Lannes de Montebello married Emilie d'Aviles


    Andre Roger Lannes de Montebello married Germaine Wiener de Croisset


    Guy Phillippe Lannes de Montebello (b. 1936) the New York head of the Metropolitian Museum New York City, New York. married Edith Bradford Myles


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