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The Royal Generals of World War I
Researched and compiled by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

KAISER WILHEIM II (1859-1941):

Kaiser Wilhelm II was born in Berlin on January 27, 1859. His father was the future King Friedrich III of Prussia. His mother was Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) of England and Albert (d. 1861), Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Victoria's siblings married into all the major houses of Europe. Wilhelm was considered to be one of the best educated brightest monarchs of his day.

He reigned from 1888 until 1918 as a German Emperor. Wilheim married (1) Augusta Victoria (1858-1921), daughter of Frederick the Duke of Schesw-Holst-Sanderberg-Augustenburg, in 1881. (2) Hermine (1887-1947), daughter of Henry XXII Prince of Reuss.


The Crown Prince Wilhelm von Pruessen was born on May 6, 1882, at Potsdam. Wilhelm was the eldest son. His father was Kaiser Wilhelm. Wilhelm was the Crown Prince of Germany and of Prussia. He married (1) Cecily (1886-1954), daughter of Frederick Francis IIIm Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, in 1905.


Crown Prince Ruprecht von Bayern was a General Field Marshal. Ruprecht was born in Munich on May 18, 1869. His father was the last King of Bavaria, Ludwig III. He was the descendant of the 17th century Prince Rupert of the Rhine who fought for King Charles I in the English Civil War, and his sister-in-law was the Queen of Belgium.

PRINZ LEOPOLD VON BAYERN (1846-1930) Leopold von Wittelsbach, a Prince of Bavaria was the son-in-law of Kaiser Franz Josef of Austria. Leopold was born on February 9, 1846, in Munich.


Herzog Albrecht von Wuttemburg was born on December 23, 1865, in Vienna. Albrecht was the son of a Wurttemburgh prince and a Hapsburg archdutchess.

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