Childs Place: 1st Annual Buffalo Ranch Rendezvous Photos
May 30th through June 1, 2003 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).
Photos © Margaret Sypniewska

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Newborn Colt "Ace" and his mother.
Horseback riding is just one of the
things you can do at
Childs Place Buffalo Ranch.

Polish Horses ... Polish Arabian Horses ... Horse Links ... Horse Spectacular, Novi, Michigan

The tractor and wagon that takes visitors out
to view and feed the bison. Saturday was
a rainy cold day, but we still had some hearty
customers, willing to brave the elements.
Sunday was sunny but cool.

General George Armstrong Custer and John B. Jones,
Texas Ranger, enjoy a ride. As you can see, Friday
was a little overcast and grey, but even so
the riding was good and the horses were willing.

Steve Alexander as Gen. George Armstrong Custer
Taken May 31, 2003 at Child's Place Buffalo Ranch
First Annual Rendezvous. For more information
on Steve Alexander CLICK HERE

Raymond Sypniewski as "Buffalo Bill"
William F. Cody - May 31, 2003 (Saturday) at
Child's Place Buffalo Rendezvous
For more information about Ray Sypniewski
and Buffalo Bill Cody: CLICK HERE


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