The Potocki (Poh-taht-ski) Pil~awa Srebrna Line
by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska

Pilawa COA

The Potocki Coat of Arms
artist = Leonard Suligowski

***Please be advised that this chart has not been double and triple checked via certificates or public records (since this line is NOT of my own family), you MUST do this checking on your own to verify. This is merely set here to be a guideline for the relationships within this famous family. Thank you. My sources are listed at the end of this chart.


Albert Potocki (1437-1515)


Stefan Potocki (1566-1631)


Stanislas Rewera Potocki (1570-1667)was the Voievod of Kracow and Grand Hetman of the Crown. He married (2) Zofia Kalinowska.


Jendrzj (Andre) Potocki (d: 1692)married Anna Rysinska


Jozef Potocki(1673-1751), Grand Hetman of the Crown, married Victorie Leszczcynski (d:1751), daughter of King Stanislaw Leszczynski. Jozef was named Duc d'Bar and Duc d' Lorraine (titles that reverted back to France upon his death).


This line is named the Tulczyn Potocki Line:

Franzciszek Szczesny Potocki (1700-1772) married Anna Elzbieta Potocki (1724-1772). They owned the Tulczyn Stud. Franzciszek was called the "King of Ruthenia," because of the hundreds of towns and villages that he owned. He owned over one million hectares, and was the wealthiest Pole that ever existed (in his time).

This line continues the Pil~awa Srebrna (silver) Line:

Stanislas Potocki(d: 1760) married Helena Zamoyska


Children of Franzciszek and Anna Potocki

Felix Stanislaw Potocki (son of Franzciszek) (1752-1805) founded the Confederation of Targowica that opposed the Constitutional Monarchy. he was the Grand Marshal of Lithuanis and was appointed Field Marshal Imperial of the Russian Army by Empress Catherine. Felix Stanislaw Potocki married (1) Gertrude Komorowska (1754-1771). His first wife was thought to be unworthy by his father. His father threw her down a well in a fit of rage or (in another story) had her tossed in the River Bug after strangling her. However, the family says the truth is that he returned her to her parents, until their marriage could be annulled by the Vatican, and that her Cossack escort was thought to have murdered her. (2) Jozefina Mniszech. Felix and Jozephina has eleven (11) children. (3) Celice de Witt (1766-1822). Felix and Celice had five (5) children. Celice (b 1766) of Constantinople, was the daughter of a Greek shoemaker. She married (1) to Count de Witt, whom she divorced after three years, by petition of her husband-to-be. Felix Stanislaw Potocki paid 2,000,000 Hungarian forints for her hand in marriage. She was famous for her charm, sense of humor, and her beauty. She died, in 1822, in Berlin, Germany.

Children of Stanislas and Helena Potocki

Jozef Krajczy Potocki (d: 1760) married Teresa Ossolinski.


Children of Josef and Teresa Potocki

Count Jan Nepomuck Potocki(1761-1815) was born March 8, 1761 at Lezajsk, Pikow, Ukraine (or Vladowska, Podolie). Jan died September 2, 1815 at his Uladowa estate in Podolie, where he withdrew from life in 1813. He committed suicide with gun, using a silver bullet, to his brain after a serious illness and mental disturbances. Jan was a writer and his most famous work was The Manuscript Found in the Saragossa. This manuscript might, in many ways, resemble his own life. He died before writing his history of the Slavic people. He worked on this novel (Saragossa) from 1804 until 1815 (shortly before he took his own life). Jan was educated in Geneva and Lausanne. He was a skilled scientist, artist, and politican. He founded of the studies of languages and civilizations Slavic, and published a significant series of books supported by ethnological, historical, and linguistic reseach. Jan also wrote Collection of Parades, in his youth, and an operetta called Gipsies of Andalusia. At age thirty-five (35) he wrote Fragments Historical, Journey to the Empire of Morocco and Geographical Over Scythie, Sarmatie, and the Slavic Ones. Another of his works was, Vouyage in Turquie et en Egypte (Voyage in Turkey and Egypt). Count Jan Nepomuck Potocki was called the "Cervantes of France." Jan spoke fluent Russian, Italian, Greek, Spanish, and French.

Jan married (1) Princess Julia Lubomirska in Wilanow Castle on May 9, 1783. Julia was born in 1760 at Lancut, to Stanislaw Lubomirski and Princess Isabella Czartoryska. Julia died August 26, 1799 in Cracow, Poland. (2) Countess Constance Potocka. They divorced in 1808. Constance was born in 1781 in Tulczn, and died December 24, 1852 near Marseilles, France.

The Countess Lubomirski founded L~ancut distillery on the Lubormirski family estate. By 1784, they were creating regular, anise flavored, and sweetened vodkas.

Goya painted two portraits of Jan.


Children of Jan and Julia Potocki

Count Alfred Jozef Potocki (1785-1862), like his father, Alfred, wrote and published notable works in French, as did his brother Arthus. Count Alfred Jozef Potocki was the 1st Potocki to bear the title of Ordynat of L~ancut, the estate he inherited in 1823. Alfred was Prime Minister of Austria and Governor of Galicia. Alfred was born on March 4, 1785 in Paris, France. He died December 23, 1862. Alfred married Princess Jozefa Czartoryska (1787-1862), daughter of Roman Czartoryski, at Antoniny on June 21, 1814. Princess Josefa (Josephine) was born June 14, 1789 in Korzec, and died, in Vienna, on January 27, 1862. Princess Jozefa (Josephine) was related to the royal families of Austria, England, France, and Prussia. Alfred's family owned the estates of L~ancut, Lipowice, Satanow, and Tarnoruda. Alfred fathered four children.

Alfred and his brother, Arthur, were raised by their grandmother, Princess Marechale Izabella Lubomirska (nee Czartoryska), one of the wealthiest women in Europe.

Count Arthur Potocki(1787-1832) married Countess Zofia Branicka and began the Krzeszowice Potocki Line. Arthur was born on May 27, 1787, in Paris, France, and died, in Vienna, on January 30, 1832. Zofia was born in Warsaw, on January 11, 1790 and died January 6, 1879, in Krzeszowice.

Bernhard Potocki married Claudia Dzialynska. Claudia was born in Konarzew (near Poznan), on August 27, 1802 and died, in Geneva, June 8, 1836.

Irene Potocki (1797-1835) was born May 21, 1797, in Tulczyn Manor, and died, in Warsaw, on September 4, 1835. Irene married Count Henryk Lubienski, at Dymidowska, on September 19, 1818. Henryk was born, in Prague, on July 11, 1793, and died, in Warsaw, on September 17, 1883.

Child of Jan Potocki and #2 wife, Constance.

Tereza Potocki(1805-1867) was born circa 1805 and died in 1868. Tereza married (1) Count Sebastian Badeni (1799-1873) on November 10, 1825. They divorced. (2) N. Lachmann.


Children of Alfred and Josephine Potocki

Arthur Potocki (1815-1834), son of Alfred and Maria Potocki. Alfred died August 18, 1834, in Marienbad, at age 19.

Count Alfred Potocki(son of Alfred Potocki)(1817/22-1880/89) was the Landtag of Galiticia, Minister of Agriculture (from December 1868-January 1870), and Council of Ministers (1875-1883), Knight of the Order of Toison d' Or, the highest commendation in Europe, which is usually reserved only for royalty. Count Alfred Potocki was the 2nd Lord of Lancut, was born, at L~ancut, on July 29, 1817, and died May 18, 1889. married his cousin, Princess Maria Klementyna Sanguszko (1830-1903), daughter of Prince Roman Sanguszko, on March 18, 1885, at Slawuta. Maria was born, at Slawuta, on March 31, 1830, and died October 17, 1903, in Lenburg. Maria's grandfather, Euchtachy Erazm Sanguszko (d. 1844) left Slawuta to her. Maria's mother, Natalia, died in childbirth. The Sanguszko Slawuta stud was located at Chresto'wka, midway between Rovno and Novograd Volynisky in the district of Volhynia, Ukraine. Their line was descended from Fiodor Sanguszko (1390-1454).

Alfred and Maria inherited L~ancut and Lvov-Lubomirski estates, and sold L~ancut vodka in Galicia, Austria, and Hungary.

Ewa Josefina Julia Eudoksia Potocki (1818-1895). Ewa was born August 10, 1818, in Paris, France, and died May 21, 1895, in Vienna. Ewa Josefina married Franz Prince von and au Liechtenstein, in Vienna, on June 3, 1841.

Ewa Zofia Potocki (1820-1882) was born on December 1, 1820, in L~ancut, and died September 11, 1882, in Vienna. Ewa Zofia married, in Vienna, Jan Moritz Graf von Dietrichstein on June 16, 1842. Moritz was born July 4, 1801, in Vienna, and died October 15, 1852 in Vienna. Jan was Austrian Ambassador to the Count of St. James in London, England.

Children of Arthur and Zofia Potocki

Adam Potocki (1822-1872) married Countess Katarzyna Branicki (1825-1907)in 1847. Adam was born, at L~ancut, on February 26, 1815/22, and died at Krzeszowice on June 15, 1872. Katarzyna was born, in Lubomil, on December 10, 1825, and died at Krezeszowice, on September 30, 1907.


Children of Alfred and Maria Potocki

Roman Potocki (Alfred, Alfred, Jan) (1851/2-1913/15), 3rd Lord of Lancut, ar age 38. Roman was born, at L~ancut, on December 16, 1851/52, and died, at L~ancut, on September 24, 1913/15. He married (1)Countess Izabella Potocka, on November 21, 1882, in Warsaw. (2)Princess Elzbieta Matilde Isabel Maria Radziwill (1861-1950) in Berlin, on June 16, 1885. Elzbieta was born on November 1, 1861, and died May 13, 1950, in Lausanne. Roman rebuilt/remodelled L~ancut distillery from 1911-1912. Roman had two sons.

Julia Potocki (Alfred, Alfred) (1854-1921) was born in 1854, and died on October 8, 1921 in Montresor. Julia married Count Wladislaw Branicki, in Vienna, on June 6, 1872.

Clementine Potocki (1856-1921) was born, at L~ancut, in 1856, and died, in Paris, France, June 7, 1921. Clementine married Count Jan Tyszkiewicz, in Lemberg, on September 4, 1878. Count Jan was born in 1851, and died June 9, 1901, in Paris France.

Count Jozef Nicolas Xaver Maria Alfred Jacob Potocki (Alfred, Alfred) was born September 9, 1862, in Lwow and died, in 1922, in Montresor), The breeder of Skowronek Count Jozef Potocki had a 6,000 hectare wildlife santuary and private game park known as Pilawin. He had game birds, elk herds, roebuck, and wapiti deer. He kept both European and North American bison. He also bread (1) purebred Arabians (2) Thoroughbreds (3) Anglo-Arabs.

During the Bolshevik Revolution, his mares and fouls were burnt alive, after their eyes had been put out with red-hot irons. They also hung the stallions in the marketplace, where they were tortured and hanged. Skowronek's sire escaped this punishment, by refusing to leave his stable, and had his throat cut. The palaces were burnt to the ground, and the old Prince Sangusko was killed (at age 85). Many Boleshevik leaders were said to later regretted the actions of their men. Count Jozef was shot down on the steps of his Slawuta mansion by a group of Russian deserters, in 1918. Josef married Princess Helena Radziwill (1874- 1958), in Berlin, on April 28, 1892. Jozef was christened, at Lemberg, on September 8, 1862, and died, at Montresor, on August 25, 1922. Helena was born, in Berlin, on February 14, 1874, and died, in Madrid, on December 12, 1958.

Jozef was educated in law and business administration at the University of Lwow and the University of Vienna. Landowner, politician, railroad builder,sportsman, big-game hunter, collector, and Arabian horse breeder. His eldest son, Count Roman Potocki wrote his biography (at age 75). Jozef was a Russian Count.

Children of Adam (1815-1872) and Katarzyna Potocki (1825-1907)

Roza Artur Potocki

Zofia Potocki married Stefan Zamoyski, Legate of the Regional Parliament

Andrzej Potocki(1861-1909) Austrian Prime Minister. Andrzej married Countess Krystyna Tyszkiewicz on October 29, 1889, at Waks. Andrzej was born, in Cracow, on June 10, 1861, and died, at Lemburg, on April 12, 1908. Krystyna was born, at Riga, on July 13, 1866, and died, in Miala, Congo; on Febraury 18, 1952.

Maria Wanda Potocki


Children of Roman and Elizabeth Matilde Potocki

Alfred Antonio William Potocki (Roman, Alfred, Alfred, Jan) (1886-1958). 4th Lord of L~ancut, married Isabel Norkiewicz-Jadko. Alfred's godfather was the Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. Alfred died without issue.

George Josef Roman Potocki (Roman, Alfred, Alfred) was born July 3, 1889, in Warsaw, in Russian occupied Poland, and died in 1961, Alfred was the 5th Lord of L~ancut, was Ambassador to Turkey and the United States. George married Susanna Rosa Yturegui.

Children of Josef and Helena Potocki

Roman Potocki (Josef, Andrzej, Adam, Jan) was born, in Warsaw. on June 3, 1893, in Russian occupied Poland, and died September 5, 1971, in Cracow. Roman married Princess Anna Swiatopolk Czeywertynska (1902-1987). They founded the Derazna Stud. Anna was born in Suchowola, on December 6, 1902 and died October 26, 1987.

Josef Alfred Potocki (Josef, Andrzej, Adam) (1895-1968) Ambassador to Spain. Josef married Princess Krystyna Radziwill on October 8, 1930, in Warsaw. They founded the Behen Stud, and immigrated to Madrid, Spain in 1944. Josef was born, in Szeptowka, on April 8, 1895, and died September 12, 1968 in Lausanne. Krystyna Potocki was born, in Warsaw, on November 5, 1908.


Children of George Josef and Susana Rosa Potocki

Stanislas Potocki (1923- ), 6th Lord of Lancut (no issue).

Children of Roman and Anna Potocki

Maria Potocki was born in 1929 in Montmelian, and married Count Stanislas Rey on August 29, 1950. Count Rey was born in Sieciechowice, on August 5, 1923.

Roman Potocki (1930 - ) was born in Cracow, Poland, on September 7, 1930, at Deraszne..

Elizabeth/Elzbieta Potocki was born on February 30, 1933 at Derazne.1933- ) married Jerzy Gromnicki, on November 28, 1959 at Montresor. Jerzy, her husband, was born in Laskowce on April 23, 1930.

Helena Potocki was born May 18, 1934 in Warsaw, married Wincislas von Mauberg on November 3, 1956 at Gleiwitz. Winsislas was born in Warsaw, on July 25, 1931.

Marek Potocki was born in Warsaw, August 21,1938, and married Charlotte Hernod, on April 19, 1969 in Paris France. Marek's wife, Charlotte was born June 8, 1946 in Madrid, Spain.

Children of Josef Alfred and Krystyna Potocki

Anna Potocki was born in Warsaw on August 19, 1931, and died, in Paris, France, on October 25, 2001. Anna has no children. Anna worked for UNESCO in Paris, France.

Doretea/Dorothy Potocki was born in Warsaw on April 13, 1935, and married (1) Luis Arias Carrolon, on October 2, 1965, in El Paulus Spain. Luis dies in Belagua, on April 23, 1970 in a helicopter crash, leaving no issue.(2) Carlos Mazzuchelli, a Colonel in the Spanish Cavalry. Carlos was a widower with thirteen (13) children.

Isabella Potocki was born on July 6, 1937, in Warsaw, and married Count Herbert d'Ornano on July 6, 1963, in Deuville. Herbert was born March 31, 1926, in Melgiew.

Piotr Potocki was born in Lisbon, Portugal on October 13,1940, and married Maria-Teresa Roca de Togores on April 27, 1969, in Seville, Spain. Maria was born in Seville, Spain, on February 2, 1946. Maria was the daughter of Don Jose Gonzalo Roca de Togores y Salinas, and Andalusian Hidalgo, who was Vizconde de la Puebla de Alcocer..


Children of Marek and Charlotte Potocki

Jan Roman Potocki was born September 1, 1971 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Dorothee Potocki was born July 19, 1974 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Children of Peter and Marie Potocki:

Marie Potocki was born in Madrid, Spain, on April 7, 1970.

Stanislas Potocki was born in Madrid, Spain on May 3, 1971.



Almanach de Gotha(1998 edition and 2001 edition)

"Introduction," The Manuscript Found in Sarogossa by Jan Potocki as translated by Ian Maclean. London: Penguin Books, Ltd., 1992 (copyright Jose Corti, 1995). [***Ian Mclean translated from French to English. He was a reader at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Queen's College.]

"Jean Potocki," at Jose Corti's page

Steen, Andrew K. Count Josef Potocki: The Man Who Bred Skowronek. Spain: A Tale of the Breed, 2001.


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