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Irvin Sonny Patten. "Sonny" was born on February 1, 1951 in Maine, married Mary Ann Gugliemino in Middlesex, Connecticut, USA (Connecticut marriages 1959-2009). Mary Ann was born on November 5, 1950, in Maine. [Connecticut Marriages 1959-2009].

I found a Joseph Guglielmo, born November 26, 1905. He died November 1, 1971; in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut (at age 66). Brother to Sabastian below?

Mary Ann's grandfather was Sabastian Gugliemino and her grandmother was Maria Bafuma. They owned the Gugliemino Family Dairy farm in Cromwell, Connecticut. Their son, Salvatore P. Gugliemino was born September 11, 1911, in Cromwell, CT. Salvatore married Anna Salafia and had two daughters [Anna nee Gugliemino Salafia and Marie nee Gugliemino Wrzos. Salvatore died February 3, 1996 (at age 84). Salvatore was buried on February 6, 1996. Services were held in the morning (11 a.m.) at St. Sebastian's Church. His body was on view at D'Angelo's Funeral Home. Salvatore was later employed by A.N. Pierson [after he gave up working at the Dairy Farm] and he retired after 40 years.

Salvatore had two brothers and two sisters.[source: Obituary of Salvatore P. Gugliemino]

I currently have no information about Salvatore's siblings, other than Joseph shown as a possible relative.


Irvin Harriman Patten was born August 8, 1923 in Penham, Aroostock, Maine [Social Security] He died January 20, 1990 in Woodland, Aroostock, Maine. He was married to Hazel Ellen Drost on February 4, 1950. who was born on March 11, 1910, in Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine, USA. Hazel died January 5, 1993 in Cromwell, Middlesex, CT. Hazel's parents were Austin Colby Drost [1874-1937] and Amanda E. Dunham [1884-1947] His father was Irvin S. Patten (b.1910) was married to Dora (b. 1911). Austin Drost, father of Hazel, was born February 6, 1874, to George A. Drost and Eunice Flewelling in Providence, New Brunswick, Canada. Austin Colby Drost 8 Sept 1937, in Caribou, Aroostook, Maine, USA. Her mother was Amanda Elizabeth Dunham [1884-1947],daughter of James Dunham and Ellen ? Ellen was born December 24, 1884, in Queensbury, York County, New Brunswick, Canada, and died in Easton, Aroostock, MA. on September 27, 1947.


Irvin S. Patten was born in 1855 in Maine. His father was Robert Alonzo Patten, and his mother was Dora Rebecca Poland. The 1860 Maine Census shows Robert Alonzo as age 28, living in Newport, Penobscot, Maine. Dora was age 24. Their children in 1860 were:

.....Robert O. Patten age 5
.....Irvin S. Patten age 3 (b abt. 1857)

Census Roll M653_445, page 213 Image 214 Family History Library Film, 803445, Day Saints

In the 1880 Census Irvin S. Patten is age 22 and living in Dover, Stratford, New Hampshire. He is living with his brother Robert E. Patten. Irvin was a giger in a wool mill and single in 1880. Robert is age 25
Lizzie A. Patten 25, Irvin S. Patten is age 22, and Elizabeth J. Buckley is 45.


Robert Alonzo Patten was born November 1831 in Newport, Penobscot, Maine, U.S.A. Robert died December 27, 1899, in Washburn, Aroostock, Maine, at age 68. Robert was a minister. Robert married Rebecca Dora becca Poland (age 17) on December 1, 1852. Rebecca was in Prospect, Waldo, ME. Poland [age 14] in the 1850 census (see below). in 1860 they were in Newport, Penobscot, Maine, and in 1870 in Appleton, Knox, Maine.

Rebecca Dora Poland was born April 19, 1835. Rebecca died March 21, 1872 (at age 36) in Appleton, Knox, Maine.

After Rebecca's death he married Hannah L. Bugbee on November 19, 1874, in Washburn, Aroostock, ME. In the 1930 census Robert is living in Perham, Aroostock, ME. with Henry O. Patten (53) and his wife Alice (48) Charles Patten is 28; Harry Patton is 24; Robert Patten is 20 and his wife Dora is 18. This is a Carroll R. Patten (age 1) b. 1929; and Irvine Patten b. 1855, age 6; Carroll and Irvine are Dora's sons. She married at age 13. Ruth Tupper (age 18) and Florena Tupper (13) are also listed. In the 1850 Census were find Rebecca Dora Poland living in Prospect, Waldo, Maine. They are family 408

Eliot Poland 42
Dorothy Poland 50
Louisa E. Poland 20
***Rebecca Dora Poland 14
Elizabeth Partridge 31
Matilda Crooker 26
Marion Crooker 7
Edward A. Crooker 5
Francis B. Crooker 3
Leinga A. Crooker 1

In the 1870 census Robert is listed as age 39.

Robert's 2nd wife was Hannah L. Bugbee. They married on November 19, 1874 (at age 43)in Washburn, Aroostock, ME.

Robert and Rebecca Dora's children were:

1. Robert E. Patten 1855-1929
2. Irving L. Patten 1855-
3. ***Irvin L. Patten 1855-1915
4. Lillie J. Patten 1861-1927
5. Frank A. Patten 1863-1931
6. Lizzie A. Patten 1869-1902
7. Leonard H. Patten 1870-1871
8. Robert O. Patton b. 1855.

Robert and Hannah's children were:

8. Henry Otis Patten 1877-1949
9. Perley Patten 1885-1909.


Robert Patton was born on April 13, 1803, in Stetson, Penobscot, ME. He married Naomi Ireland (1804-1864) January 10, 1828. At age 47, Robert lived in Newport Penobscot, ME. Robert married Abigail Tibbits on June 2, 1867. in Corrina, Penobscot, ME. He died December 29, 1884 in Bradford, Penobscot, ME. at age 81. Robert was a farmer. Robert married (2) Abigail Tibetts on June 2, 1867 in Corrina< Penobscot, ME. Robert died December 29, 1884, in Bradford, Penobscot, ME. (age 81)

Sources: 1850 Maine Census, 1860 Maine census, 1870 Maine Census. In the 1870 census Robert is 66 and Adie Patten is 54. Fred C. Young age 11 is living with them. 1880 census Robert is 77 and Abie is 65. He is listed as a farmer. Frank Patton age 15 and Elizabeth Clarke 61 is listed living with them. GENERATION SIX:

Robert Patten was born on October 7, 1772 in Ellsworth, Hancock, ME. and died in 1881 in Stetson, Penobscot, ME. He was married, at age 28, to Hannah? In 1818 Robert was a taxpayer in Stetson, Penobscot, Maine. He was a Setson voter in 1831.

Robert and Hannah's children were:

1. Daniel M. Patten 1801-1846
2. ***Robert Patten 1803-1884
3. Susanna D. Patten 1805-1826
4. David S. Patten 1807-1870
5. Hannah J. Patten 1817-1879.


Matthew Patton was born in 1732 in Biddleford, York, Maine, and died June 20, 1790 in Surrey, Hancock, Maine. He was married Susanna Dunning on October 30, 1754 in Biddleford, York, Maine. Susanna was born March 17, 1736, in Brunswick, Cumberland, Maine; and died August 30, 1810 in Stetson, Penobscot, Mine. Suzanna's parents were James Dunning 1691-1752; and Martha Lithgow 1710-1760.

Children were:

1. James Patton 1758-1825
2. John Patton 1764-1843
3. Susanna Patton 1767-1835
4. Mary Polly Patten 1772-1835
5. Robert Patten 1772-1818
6. Jane Patten 1774-1832.


Actor Patton 1691 in Dinbo, Derby County, Ireland - 1780 in Hancock, Maine. Actor married Pauline Suter (1700-1792) in 1727 in Duboe, Londonderry, Ireland. In 1729, they came to Boston, MA, and settled ion Maine.


1. John Patten 1717 in Ireland and died in 1792 in Saco, Topsam, Maine. John was a blacksmith.
2. William Patten 1720-1780
3. *Matthew Patten 1732-1790
4. Mary Patten 1733-?

John Patten b. 1600

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