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They Came from Stonham Aspal, Suffolk County, England; to Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts on the Diligent. The Diligent sailed from Ipswich, England; in June, and arrived in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts on August 10, 1638 (Old Style)

The Surname Packard:

The surname Packard is French. It means the descendant of Bacard (combat, strong).(Source: New Dictionary of American Family Names by Elsdon C. Smith. New York: Gramercy Publishing Company, 1988). The name Packard appears in English records as early as the beginning of the fourteenth century. The name was well established in East Anglia long before Samuel's birth.

Suffolk County, England:

How these two Georges relate, to each other, is unsure, but most current scholars place the second George as father to Samuel Packard who immigrated to Massachusetts. Since they also note them as the elder and younger Earls Stonham, and the fact that they married only one year apart, tells us that Ann Garrard was NOT his first wife.

In 1080, Suffolk was a county predominantly of villages and freeman, rather than manors and feudal vassals. Its population was fairly evenly distributed. None of the seven principal towns, which included Ipswich, Bury St. Edmunds, and Dunwich, had over 3000 residents.

Stonham Aspal:

Roger de Raisomes was the main landowner in Stonham Aspal in The Domesday Book. Stonham Aspal had a mill, a church, 36 pigs, and a Romano British bathhouse in 1080.

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George Packard(1579?-1623) was a yeoman farmer. He had a farm called "Colman's" in Whitsungrene (Whitsun Green), England. Colmans is now called "Red House." George Packard married Mary Wyther, daughter of Thomas Wither (d. 1595) and Margaret --- his wife. Mary Wither was baptized in 1574 in Woolpit, and died August 19, 1652.

Wyther/Withers is a English or Welsh family name. It meant "dweller at the sign of the rain; the son of Gwythyr or visitor").

Stonham Aspal is in the diocese of Norwich in Norfolk County, England.

The will of George Packard was dated December 1, 1623, and he was buried December 14, 1623 in Stonham, Suffolk County, England.

Mary's will was dated August 11, 1649 and was proven on August 19, 1652. She mentions her daughters, Mary, Frances Standley; her sons, John and George; and her grandchildren Mary Standley and Margaret Smyth.

Sources: [Arthur William Darwin, Parish Register Transcripts, 1541-1837, Church of England, Parish Church of Stonham-Aspall. Microfilm of mss. in the Suffolk County Record Office, Ipswich, Suffolk, England. (LDS #991,989, Items 13-14, #991,990, Items 1-3)].


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Samuel Packard (constable and tavern-keeper) was baptized on September 17, 1612 in Stonham Aspal, a small village in the Mid-Suffolk region of England. He married Elizabeth 1643. Samuel died on November 7, 1684 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Elizabeth died on October 27, 1694 in Bridgewater.

"The status of a yeoman farmer in these times was relatively good if he were successful, and there was enough social mobility that he could actually aspire to the status of the gentry for some of his children. Samuel was the third son. however, and in a land where promogeniture was the practice, he could expect little in the way of inheritance" (Packard, Karle S., "Samuel Packard and the English Origins of the Packard Family", an excerpt from a Packard's Progress editon).

Samuel Packard with his wife, Elizabeth, and a daughter left Ipswich on the Ship Diligent on June 1638. They arrived in Boston Harbor on August 10, 1638. They immediately went to Hingham. They were in Hingham in 1652, when his daughter Deliverance was baptised. The family then moved to Weymouth where Samuel was a Selectman from 1654 to 1664 and some of his children were born in Weymouth. Then they settled in Bridgewater, Massachsuetts about 1664 where he was appointed Constable. Samuel purchased land in Bridgewater before August 1662. He was Collector of Minister's Rates in 1670, Surveyor of Highways in 1672, and Constable again in 1674. In 1671 Samuel was licensed to keep an ordinary (tavern) which he had in 1670. Since Samuel signed with a mark, this suggests that he could not write. This may be why some early records show the name as Packer.

    Children of Samuel and Elizabeth Packard were:

  1. Mary Packard was born in England, around 1637. She married Richard Phillips about 1656 in Weymouth, MA.
  2. Elizabeth Packard was born in Hingham, Massachusetts about 1639, and was baptised on July 19, 1646. Elizabeth married Thomas Alger on November 14, 1665 in Taunton, MA. Thomas was born in England.
  3. Samuel Packard was born in Hingham, MA. about 1641 and was baptised on July 19, 1646. He married Elizabeth Lathrop about 1675.
  4. Hannah Packard was born in Hingham, MA. about 1643 and was baptized on July 19, 1646. Hannah married (1) Clement Briggs about 1667 (2) Thomas Randall about 1671.
  5. 5. Israel Packard was born in Hingham, MA. about 1645 and was baptized on July 19, 1646. There is no record of his marriage. Israel was a Trooper in 1671. It is believed that he died in King Phillip's War.
  6. Jael Packard was born in Hingham, MA about 1647. Jael married (1) ? Jones about 1665 (2) John Smith on November 15, 1672 in Tauton, MA.
  7. Deborah Packard was born in Hingham, MA. about 1648. Deborah married Samuel Washburn about 1676.
  8. Zaccheus Packard was born in Hingham, MA. about 1650 and baptized on April 20, 1651 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Zaccheus married Sarah Howard about 1678.

  9. Jane Packard was born in Hingham, Ma. about 1651 and was baptized on April 20, 1651. Jane died young.
  10. Abigail Packard was born in Hingham, MA. around 1651 and was baptized on April 20, 1651. Abigail died young.
  11. Deliverance Packard was born in Hingham, Massachusetts, about 1652 and was baptized on April 20, 1651. Deliverance married Thomas Washburn the son of John Washburn a soldier in Narragansett and King Phillip's War, and Elizabeth Mitchell.
  12. Thomas Packard was born in Hingham about 1653. He married ?? and had a son named Joseph.
  13. John Packard was born in Weymouth, MA. on July 20, 1655. John married Judith Winslow on April 12, 1688 in Taunton, MA.
  14. Nathaniel Packard was born in Weymouth, MA. about 1657. Nathaniel married Lydia Smith about 1682.


John Howard was the son of James Howard and Mary Cooper. John came from England to Duxbury, Massachusetts, at age 15. He was born in 1628 in Sandwich, Kent County, England, and died in 1700 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He married Martha Hayward in 1679 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Martha was born in Aylesford, Kent County, England, and died before 1703 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. John lived with the family of Miles Standish and later moved to Bridgewater. John Howard was the first HOWARD to settle there. John was appointed Ensign on September 27, 1664. He also fought in King Phillip's War in May 1676.


Zacheus Packard was born in 1650. He was christened on April 20, 1651 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA. He died August 3, 1723. Zacheus married Sarah Howard in 1678. Sarah Howard was the daughter of John Howard and Martha Hayward. Sarah was born in 1659 (?) in Duxbury, MA. She died August 3, 1723 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA.

    Zacheus and Sarah had the following children:

  1. Israel Packard was born on April 27, 1680 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., MA. He married Hannah Crossman in 1703.
  2. Sarah Packard was born on August 19, 1682 in Bridgewater. She married Capt. Josiah Edson on July 17, 1704.
  3. Jonathan Packard was born on December 4, 1684. He married (1) Suzanna Hayward on December 24, 1719.
  4. David Packard was born on February 11, 1687. He married Hannah Ames on December 17, 1712.
  5. Solomon Packard was born on March 20, 1689. He married (1) Sarah Lothrop (2) Suzanna Kingman (3) Dorothy Whipple.
  6. Deacon James Packard was born June 2, 1691. He married Jemina Keith on June 7, 1722.
  7. Zacheus Packard, Jr. was born on September 4, 1693 and died in 1775. He married Mercy Alden on October 21, 1725.
  8. John Packard was born on October 8, 1695. He married Lydia Thompson in 1726.
  9. Captain Abiel Packard was christened on April 29, 1699 and died in 1776. He married Sarah Ames on January 11, 1722.


Here's where my line divides into two Packard lines:


Captain Abiel Packard was born in 1699, and he was christened on April 29, 1699. He died in 1723 or 1776 (if the later, it might have been in the war). Abiel married Sarah Ames on January 11, 1722.

    The children of Abiel and Sarah were:

  1. Josiah Packard was born in 1723. He married Sarah Ames.
  2. Abiel Packard was born in 1728 and died in 1759. He married Experience ____?
  3. Joshua Packard was born in 1730. He married Mehitabel Alden.
  4. Thomas Packard was born in 1732. He married Mary Howard.
  5. Timothy Packard was born in 1735. He married Sarah Alden.
  6. Sarah Packard was born in 1737. She married Ebenezer Snell in 1764.
  7. Betty Packard was born in 1739. He married Jacob Edson in 1759.
  8. Daniel Packard was born in 1742. He married Hannah Perkins.
  9. Eliab Packard was born in 1745. He married Alice Packard.
  10. Benjamin Packard was born in 1749, and died in 1776. He married Lurania Phinney.


Solomon Packard was born on March 20, 1689 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, MA. He married (1)Sarah Lathrop(2) Suzanna Kingman in 1723 (daughter of Samuel Kingman and Mary Mitchell who married January 1, 1696 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, County, MA). (3) Dorothy [nee Whipple] Perkins, widow of Mark Perkins.

Children of Solomon and Sarah Packard were:
Solomon Packard's line

To be continued.....

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