The Village of Odrowaz
Written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewski

The little village of Odrvesz is first mentioned in 1292. This family is also known as Odrzywas.

In 1776, Carl Ludwig Larisch brought colonists here. Up to 1817, this village belonged to the district of Opole, and later Strzelecki. In 1845 the village of Odrowaz listed a population of 163 residents. The patron saint of this village was St. Urban. A chapel was built to Saint Urban and it was still standing until 1841.

From 1776-1981, Odrowaz belonged to the parish of Otmiecie. It is now part of the Malnia Parish.


Odrowaz Coat of Arms

Sedziszow Malapolski was also founded by the Odrowaz Clan:

Sedziszow Malopolski Civic Arms ... Odrowaz ... Photos of Sedziszow

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